Entrepreneurial Management Training and Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs

It doesn’t always have to be the way it’s always been.

Managing your team doesn’t have to be overwhelming, confusing or dreadful.
You can feel confident in what you’re doing by using a simple strategy that works!

Through Kris’ proven Five Step Management System you’ll know the exact steps to follow to build a team you love, filled with employees who get-the-job-done and done well.

Meet Kris Plachy

Meet Kris Plachy

Kris is THE Thought Leader and Expert for Entrepreneurial Management. Known for her simple, honest and authentic style, Kris has poured her life’s work into learning about, understanding and then guiding leaders through the tricky path of learning how to lead a team. In a space where there is a lot of  ‘noise’ and advice, Kris has designed the ‘how to’ of team leadership through her “Five Step Management System”.

Kris earned her leadership stripes in a corporate start up culture and was quickly and consistently recognized as a top performing leader, year after year. Despite the changes in the market and in the business, Kris consistently built teams that not only won together, but stuck together.

The Five Step Management System is Kris’ Signature Strategy. After 25 years of leading, managing and coaching leaders, Kris has a unique ability to quickly assess challenges and apply immediate, simple solutions. In fact, Kris knows without a doubt, there is no challenge you are facing as a leader that she can’t help you solve.

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