Ep #2: What is Human Capital?

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Thinking about your employees as human capital instead of an incurred expense will totally change the way you run your business and the results you achieve.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  1. Capital is the assets that add to the long-term wealth of a company.
  2. Instead of thinking of someone as an expense you need to incur, think of them as an asset and an investment into your wealth.
  3. In preparing to make such an investment, first ask yourself, “What is the result I’m trying to achieve with this role?”
  4. Second, ask yourself, “How will I track and measure the results of the role to make sure I’m achieving those results?”
  5. Third, “Have I clearly defined this asset’s job?”
  6. The four things you’ll stop doing as a result of thinking of employees as human capital.

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