Ep #11: The Interview with Jennifer Hood, Owner/Director of Jump Gymnastics

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Kris talks with Jennifer Hood, owner and director of Jump Gymnastics. Jennifer was exhausted and struggling with performing most of the roles in her business. Now that has turned around and Jen shares advice on how she was able to maximize results with people.

Jennifer Hood’s Bio

Jennifer Hood, Owner/Director of Jump GymnasticsJennifer Hood has over 25 years experience working in gymnastics organizations across Canada and is a certified teacher, specializing in primary education.

She is passionate about developing active programming for young children. In 2008, Jen opened Jump Gymnastics and it quickly became a destination for parents from across Vancouver. In 2014, Jen opened Jump’s second location in North Van and partnered with Kids Physio Group. Today Jump programs reach more than 1000 preschool kids a week.

Jen is currently using her unique skill-set in Physical Literacy development to consult for organizations such as Gymnastics Canada and Sport For Life as well as growing a volunteer program to get the next generation excited about building active communities.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  1. The first thing that Jen learned that helped her be engaging from a leadership and management perspective.
  2. A valuable tip for other women out there who are doing well on paper but who are still struggling in the people aspects of their business.
  3. How her team responded to all the changes.
  4. The top three bits of advice for other women out there who want to maximize their results with people.

Featured on the Show and Other Notes:


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