Ep #24: What Is Your Relief Point?

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Finish this sentence – “I will finally feel relief when …” What is your relief point – that “thing” that, when finally achieved, will cause the overwhelm and stress to end for you? Good news! Here’s how to feel the joy sooner rather than later.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  1. Relief doesn’t come from the “thing,” it comes from the way that you think.
  2. If you’re telling yourself that there is relief out there “when,” then you’re setting up a tension between where you are today and where you think the relief exists. That just sets you up to be uncomfortable chronically.
  3. Of the five relationships you must develop as an entrepreneur, the relationship with your brain is the most powerful and least utilized performance tool.
  4. Your exercise is to answer the question – what are you telling yourself right now is your relief point?

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