Ep #34: Create a Hiring Manifesto

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Being able to identify the types of people to hire is key to your success. Here’s how to create a hiring manifesto that describes the types of people who can hang, and thrive, with you.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  1. Examples of the types of people who can, and cannot, hang and thrive with me.
  2. How to make a list of people on your team who you love to work with and those you struggle with.
  3. It’s my goal to give you the things you need to improve – like being able to hire people, manage people, hold people accountable, to fire people, and to manage your time.

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Podcast Transcript

Hey, everyone. I’m Kris Plachy, and this is How to Lead for Female Entrepreneurs and Founders because the best way to grow a business is to grow the person who’s running it. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Hey there, how are you? How’s your day going? I hope it’s amazing. I hope you’re having a wonderful, wonderful day. Thank you for tuning in today.

I want to spend a little time talking to you about something today that I’m calling in my brain the hiring manifesto. One of the many tools that I walk my clients through in their work with me is something called a company manifesto. It’s actually something that’s also in the entrepreneurial management program that Brooke Castillo and I did together. And I was doing my own brainstorming and thinking about my own business, and I started a document that I just called People Who Can Hang with Me, and I just wanted to really capture like, okay, who really should be working with me, and who shouldn’t? Right?

And I know that all of you need this. Part of the key to your longterm success as a business owner and somebody who’s running a larger business, so if you’ve crossed over into the seven figures, it gets to the point where we can’t bootstrap, we can’t be scrappy, we can’t hustle. We’ve got to rely on other people to get work done. All of this, I know that you know is true, right? No question.

The challenge is how do you get work done through others without losing your mind? Because that’s also true because I know it’s just this roundabout all the time, like what the heck? And so I think, before you can even maybe even start with your values, because I know that that just knocks people over when I say, “What are your values?” Right? It’s just like, “I don’t know. I don’t even know what my fricking life values are, let alone my work values.”

So I want you to do a hiring manifesto, and I want you to call it People Who Can Hang with Me. And I actually put little parentheses in mine and said, “and thrive with me” because there’s people who can hang with me, but they may be white-knuckling it the entire way, right? So who can hang with you? Who really digs working for and with you, and who do you really dig having on the team? Okay?

And so I think you’ve got to be incredibly honest with yourself, not just like, “Oh, this sounds nice.” And the challenge with talking about values, at least initially, is people like to talk about all of the things that sound good, like honesty and integrity, which there’s nothing wrong with those. Please don’t misunderstand me. I love a good, honest person. I just think this process of really just writing out who can hang with me and thrive and who can’t is so much more insightful for your values. You can actually go back in it and really then siphon out what are your values.

And so I made a list in my mind of the people that have worked with me and for me who I know have done really well working with me and for me, who I have also loved working with, right? So, because I’ve had people do well who worked for me that I didn’t enjoy working with, and I’ve had people who I loved working with but did not enjoy working for me. So that can happen. And then there’s sort of that perfect sweet spot of people who just really do.

So sit down with a notebook or an open Word doc or something and put the top People Who Can Hang with Me and Thrive, right? People who can get it, like they’re thrilled to work with you. We want to know who those people are. All right?

And here’s a little bit of my list. Again, this is just shortcut, abbreviated thinking I’m sharing with you as I … this is rough. This is not anything polished I would literally put in the world, except for on a podcast for thousands of listeners.

So people who can hang and thrive with me are quick and smart. They don’t need the details right away because they’re confident in asking a relentless amount of questions to get the information they need. They fill the gaps of my conceptual brain. They aren’t intimidated by speed or change. They don’t get annoyed when everything they thought they would be doing changes overnight. They love to connect deeply. They are inspiring and interesting people, and they want to have a big impact, and they believe that they can. They are used to success. They are used to achieving results. They’re drivers in their personal lives, as well as their professional lives. They like to have fun. They’re powerful women. They like a good leader. They have respect for leadership.

People who don’t do well with me are people who don’t know how to think. They don’t know how to solve problems. They want me to do it for them. People who don’t do well with me are people who want me to have thought through every single detail before I give them an assignment. People who don’t do well with me are people who can’t handle change, who can’t handle things being different, and they can’t handle things being sort of ad hoc.

Now, could we argue that I should be different? Maybe. I’m 50 almost. You all know what’s not going to happen? Lot of that. I’m going to work on my brain. I’m always working on being a better leader. I’m always working on being a better communicator. I’m always working on being more clear and specific, always. But I know I have a secret sauce, and that’s hiring exceptional integrators to help me achieve vision. I know that. I’ve done that repeatedly.

What do you know about your business, about you? What are the honest things you have to tell yourself about who can hang with you? Who thrives under your direction and leadership? Who struggles? Who do you struggle with? Right? If you’re going to just be honest, I want you to make a list. Who do you love even right now on your team? Who do you love, love, love, love? Who do you struggle with right now on your team? Who feels, and this is a quote from a song, but it’s actually from my former employee and an amazing coach in her own right, Erin Jones. Shout out to Mrs. Jones, right? Who feels easy like Sunday morning? Who feels like pulling teeth, like you have to just slow yourself down so much that it’s just painful for both of you? Right?

So the essence of this exercise, your hiring manifesto, is, first of all, I have a goal for all of my clients, that you become just exceptional at hiring, at really being able to identify and find great talent and then keep them, right? So we go through a lot of effort to hire people. But I know the law of averages is the more people you hire, the more you’re going to fire. You’ve got to just believe me. I think a lot of people say, “Oh, yay, I get to hire people!” No, you’re going to fire people. It’s just going to happen. It’s normal. You’re going to fire people that have worked for you for years, and you’re going to fire people who’ve worked for you for two days.

But you can keep getting better. So, when you’re working with someone, and you’re like, “Oh, this is so good, this person is so great for me, and here’s why,” what is it? Crystallize it. You know what’s best? I actually had a client say this to me, which I think is so great, so shout out to you. You know who you are right as soon as I say this. She said that she … I have a podcast where I talk about what it’s like to work for a female founder, and she loved it so much that she has now people who want to work for her listen to it and say, if you are up for that, come and work for me. I love that she said that to me, so shout out to you. I won’t say your name just to keep you incognito, but I know you know who you are. So good job.

But I think that’s fabulous, right? Here’s what you’re going to get with me. Let’s be honest. And you being honest with yourself is where that begins. People who want me to be really, really focused on details and process, they’re going to go nuts. Now, people who want to create all that, who want to hear what I’m creating, want to get into my business, they want to see what’s going on, and they want to build that structure, and they love it, they’re going to thrive with me, right? Because there’s a huge need for that that I know matters, and I can give feedback and lead it, but you put me in front of it to do it, I will lose my brain. Right?

So I do think it’s vital that you’re honest, and then we can always develop parts of who we are to get better. And you listening to this podcast, my goal is to always give you what those are, those big rocks: being able to hire, being able to manage, being able to hold people accountable, being able to fire people, being able to manage your time. Those and others are really so essential for your success. But you’ve got to know what it is that you need because you could be the opposite. You could be the structure, process, detail person. And you need somebody who can help really evoke all that vision out of you. Maybe it doesn’t come naturally to you. That’s okay. Maybe you love people who are huge risk-takers. Maybe you love people who aren’t huge risk-takers because you are.

Who are those people that you have worked with that have worked for you, that you just are so excited to work with? Who are they and why? Take some time today, put down your hiring manifesto. Start with that sentence. People Who Can Hang and Thrive with Me, right?

And this is the kind of work I love to do with my clients. So I would love to always have a chance to chat with you and learn more about it. If you do end up creating People Who Can Hang with Me, I would love to know what you write. Send it to me. Send it to hello@krisplachy.com. I’d love to see what people put together as a result of the work I put out there on the podcast, so never hesitate to share back your own work.

Thank you so much for tuning in today. I’ll talk to you again next time.

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