Ep #36: Consulting Your Business’ Brain

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with decision fatigue and are you emotionally exhausted? Either you haven’t built a business brain, or you have, but you don’t consult with her. Here’s a way to build that relationship and to deal with those unexpected situations.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  1. The role that vision, values and expectations play in building a business brain.
  2. Brooke Castillo’s Thought Model as a tool. It’s “the secret of the Universe.”
  3. Why having a business brain is so important.

Featured on the Show and Other Notes:

  • Kris’ previous episode addressing decision fatigue – Entrepreneurial Brain-Keeping
  • The Entrepreneurial Management Program.
  • The Founder’s Lab is my private coaching program for female founders who are generating more than 7-figures in their revenue. It’s a complement to the Entrepreneurial Management program and is a part of the work you get as a client of mine. This isn’t a “class.” I don’t give you copious tons of things to do. I give you the ones that matter and then we keep talking about them. We apply them. That’s why it’s called the Founder’s Lab.
  • There is also the Founder’s Lab Fundamentals – for women who have just gotten started hiring people –making about $200-300K in their business.
  • Go here to book an appointment with me.
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