Ep #43: Creating Next Year’s Plan

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As we prepare to say goodbye to 2019, here’s some help for creating next year’s plan. Let’s acknowledge where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  1. First download the free workbook here!
  2. Some reflective exercises to take a look at this past year.
  3. How to take a dive into your current reality.
  4. What “My 25” is.
  5. “Goal squares” and what they are.
  6. Steps for creating next year’s plan.

Featured on the Show and Other Notes:

  • The Thought Model from The Life Coach School.
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Podcast Transcript

Hey, everyone. I’m Kris Plachy, and this is How to Lead for Female Entrepreneurs and Founders because the best way to grow a business is to grow the person who’s running it. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Hello, everyone. Welcome, welcome. How are you? Thank you for tuning in today. It is almost the end of 2019 as I record this, and I am excited to transition out of 2019. Although I loved this year in so many ways, it was a very hard year for me, as well as exciting and exhilarating. So, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on all of it. What am I taking from this year? What do I want to leave behind? What do I want to build on? Been asking myself a lot of questions and also basking in the glow of December is my birthday month. I just turned 50, holy smokes, and have had an incredible celebration already so far. My family and I went to Belize, which was a gorgeous, beautiful country, and we had a wonderful time as a family.

Then, my dear friend Brooke took myself and my husband, and our other friends, Jodie and Jake, and her husband, and then her son and friend to Punta Mita, which is outside of Puerto Vallarta. And it is absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking part of the world. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend you put it on your number one place to go next year list. We stayed in a gorgeous villa, and had a host that was with us the entire week, and we ate amazing food, and laughed hysterically, and had gorgeous weather, and saw humpback whales, and dolphins. We actually kept telling ourselves that we thought we were in The Truman Show. It just didn’t seem real. It was so wonderful.

So, I’m very grateful for the capstone of this year and that trip and time with wonderful friends. So, I’m feeling very grateful and blessed as I’m recording this podcast for you. And of course, super excited and I’m honored that all of you listen and tune in. I made a big change this year. And I had a previous podcast, many of you might know that, that I stopped recording and literally took all 150 episodes down and revamped the entire thing and have now brought you How to Lead For Female Entrepreneurs and have been just so warmed and touched by the reception, and the feedback, and how much what I share every week is helping you. That means a lot to me to know that the insights I have, and the work I do with my clients and my own, and things I’m learning about myself as a female entrepreneur, what I bring here to share with you, I’m so glad to know that you’re finding it helpful and that it’s giving you some of your own insight and maybe even just some validation that you’re not broken. There’s nothing wrong here. You’re doing a good job. Keep going. And oh, by the way, sometimes it’s really hard, right?

So as I thought about what I wanted to create for you for this podcast, I reflected on something I did a while ago. So actually, it was a while, a while ago. It was when I turned 43. I remember that was the year that I was officially an entrepreneur on my own, and I just wanted to springboard. And because my birthday is at the end of the year, I just created a whole experience for myself that I called my new year, because it was well timed with the end of the year, the time. And I thought about that and I realized, wow, that was a really good tool that I created, and so I pulled it back out and retrofitted it a little bit for this current year. I thought, “You know what? I’m going to just offer this to you as a resource.” So, I want to talk you through what I’ve put together, and then you can go to krisplachy.com/mynewyear, and you can download the … You will get your download of the workbook that I am using to go over this with you so you’ll have your own copy. It’s about 22 pages. It’s something you could use year after year if you like. It’s pretty simple. I don’t think you’re going to find anything in here that’s like, “What?” Right? It’s more like, “Oh yeah. This is good stuff for me to kind of reflect on.”

I think it’s very important to acknowledge where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. I just had an email or a text exchange with a client, and she’s had an amazing year. And I just said to her, “I hope you’re savoring a little bit here. We’re in such a crusade as entrepreneurs to hustle, and get to the next goal, and make the next thing happen, and help the people, and do the things in the world, which is very wonderful, but I’m not convinced we ever really take the time to savor the moments that we have that are amazing.

And even if you had a rough year, I know that there are still moments to reflect on and feel good about. The reason that matters is because it mattered at the time. And you having the ability to indulge in your own success, and experience it, and allow yourself to feel it, first of all, it’s a form of self-care. And second of all, it’s a way to replicate it. Because once you feel the feeling of it, now we know what success feels like. And we attract results in our lives through emotion, through that feeling, visceral experience, so we have to connect to the what it feels like to win, and be successful, and achieve just as much as we do to fail, and be frustrated, and not achieve what we wanted.

So in this workbook, you’re going to find basically a bunch of reflective exercises for you to go through. The first section is really about this past year, looking at what you achieved, looking at what you tell yourself about it, and allowing yourself to sort of indulge that reflection and walk away knowing something about yourself from last year. And I want you to be able to write the story of last year from a vantage point and a perspective that feels good. Even if you are sitting here listening to me telling me, “It really wasn’t a great year, Kris Plachy,” let’s find what we can find in it that at least embellishes the learning and the lesson instead of just the challenge or failure. And if you had an amazing year, then let’s do that, too. Let’s really feel the pride, and the joy, and the win of the year, and the things that you accomplished.

I can certainly say for myself I had like a totally bifurcated year. I had amazing, amazing, And then I had yikes. I could tell the story of both, and I really … I could tell you, “Whoa, 2019, man, I’m glad that one’s gone,” or I could say, “Holy moly! 2019, what a year. I’m so excited by what I learned.” So, you’ve got to think through how you want to position this year because I really do think it makes a big difference in how you go into the coming year.

Then, I walk you through … We talk about the thought model. Any of us that you listen to who are trained life coaches through The Life Coach School, the thought model is the heart of our work. So, I provided you a slightly different model that builds off of the same thing, which is about really conceiving what you want, then believing in it, and then taking action, and then ultimately achieving. So, I want you to use that as a way to think through what you want to do going forward.

So we want to reflect on last year. We want to know that we create everything in our lives through our own perception of our circumstances. And then I want you to dive into what your current reality is. So, how do you describe your life today? We’re looking at what happened, and now we’re looking at it as today. And again, how are you positioning that? Are you confused?

I just had a wonderful conversation with a client of mine who I’ve been working with for about five or six months. And when we first started meeting, she was very confused on all the calls. I don’t know what to do. How do I do this? And very much wanted someone else to tell her that … And this is very common for us, that we believe other people have wisdom outside of ourselves and we need them to tell us what we need to know. So, she was frustrated because I don’t tell people what to do. I help you figure out what you want, yeah? And certainly I share information, and tools, and resources. But that kind of need of getting out of confusion because someone else knows better than you, that will make you frustrated because nobody ever really knows better than you. I know you know that, right? We all know that.

So, we just had our 30-minute session this week and she said, “I do know what to do. I know exactly what to do.” And that’s not just reporting the news. That’s a thought that she has choosing to believe with so much more confidence. She’s like, “Okay, I actually do know what to do.” Which is the woman who will create so much more in her business, right? Instead of believing that she doesn’t know what to do. So, I just want you to look at your current reality. What are you telling yourself right now about your circumstances? And can you look at the model that I provide in this workbook, which is if everything that you are have in your life right now has come from the beliefs that you have about your circumstances, how do you accept ownership for where you are? And what do you want to say about it? Okay? So, that’s what this section of the workbook is about, is really paying attention to your current reality.

Then, I like to transition into what’s coming. I love this exercise. This is an exercise I learned as a life coach years ago. It’s called My 25, and it’s a place for you to write down the 25 things you want most in your life. And when I say that, I want you to think about things that you love, that you want to experience, that you want to feel, that you want to have, people, places, stuff, no holds barred. And yes, you need 25. Then we need to reflect back on it after we filled it out and asked ourselves like, “How much of what you put on that 25 do you already have in your life?” Meaning, do you want the things that you have? Do you want the marriage? Do you want the kids? Do you want the dog? Do you want the car? Do you want the home?

If you say, “I want my house,” and when you say that you just are deeply in love with the house that you live in, I want you to notice what that feels like. When you say, “I want my husband,” I want you to notice, what does that feel like to want something you already have? It’s such a powerful position to be in, to want something you already have and to identify what that feeling feels like in your body, to want something you already … and to be delighted that you have it, right? Like when my kids come down the stairs every day, I’m always just so delighted to see them. I love to see them. I love wanting my own children. And I know that as a parent you’re like, “Well, duh.” But, no. Really let yourself feel that. It’s so wonderful. That’s how we want to feel about things we want to create in our lives, right?

So I have you do that, and then we go through this process through the workbook of really isolating down the things that you do want most. So I always ask you to really reflect like, “What is it that … Okay, so now you wrote that list of 25. Now, what do you really, really want? And then, what are those top five things that you’re going to give your attention to in 2020? And are you willing to give your attention to those top five?” Then, there’s a series of questions I ask you in the workbook to really solidify your relationship to and commitment to that list. Because this is feedback I’ve been getting lately, right? What if we just decided I’m going to achieve this top five? And even when it gets hard, and even when it gets boring, and even when it feels impossible, I’m still all in on those five. Because I have a tendency to do that. I get distracted like, “Oh, that’s getting hard or uncomfortable. Let me try something else,” right? So I’ve made the commitment that I will make that commitment to what my goals are and then I’m not going to waiver. I’m all in. Are you? And that’s what I want you to ask yourself.

So, there’s a series of questions that help you walk through that process. Then, there’s an opportunity for you to really describe that outcome. So we go like a year in advance, and we write the story as if we’ve achieved everything.

In the last piece of the workbook, I explain something called goal squares. And that’s just my language for really looking all the things that you do say you want to achieve. But then, I have noticed that we are either actively avoiding them, dreaming about them, planning them, or doing them. So then when we think about the things that we want to achieve, I want you to then use the goal squares as I have them to identify, okay, so yes you say that, but what are you doing when it comes to them? Are you avoiding them? Are you just dreaming about them? Are you actually planning, and are you actually doing? And there’s some exercises in the workbook that help you do that.

Then, another opportunity for you to really tell the story of the desired outcome that you want. Then, the final piece of this workbook and experience is to create the plan. It’s a simple process of writing out the goals, connecting your feelings to those goals, and taking … identifying what the actions are that you need to achieve the goal, and being as specific as possible. These are the things I will do. These are the dates I will have them. This is how I will measure my success.

So, this whole process is almost like a funnel. We want to reflect on last year. We want to acknowledge where we are. We want to dream about what we want and really attach to it and get very specific. We want to indulge those goals and really evaluate them, measure them up against potential obstacles and challenges. We want to describe what it will feel like from a future self-perspective when we have achieved those. And then we want to create the plan.

So again, I want you to use this podcast as the accompanying then to the workbook because you may need a little reflection back on, okay, what did she mean on this page? But to have the workbook, you need to go to krisplachy.com, that’s K-R-I-S P-L-A-C-H-Y, .com/mynewyear. And when you get there, we’ll just ask you for your email. You plug that in, and then you will get the download and you can print it.

And as always, I love to know what your thoughts are. How’s it going? And I hope you find it useful. Make yourself a nice cup of tea or a cup of coffee. Sit on your cozy couch, or on your patio, or wherever you are, and give yourself and your future self a little breathing room to plan, and think, and dream, and reflect because you’re worth it and it’s a very important form of self-care. So, thank you for tuning in. Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday. And I will talk with you next time.

Hey, don’t miss a thing. Make sure you join my community at krisplachy.com/connect. Once you join, you’ll get all the information on exclusive and private experiences that I’m offering to my clients. I can’t wait to see you there.

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