Ep #51: Entrepreneurial Result Patterns

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Some people just seem to have all the luck. But what if it isn’t luck? What if it’s just patterns? Once you recognize them, you can change them. Here’s how.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  1. How patterns with money affect your life.
  2. Some time patterns that many of us deal with.
  3. Patterns with your team and your business.
  4. About the shiny object syndrome.
  5. What are the patterns with YOU?

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Podcast Transcript

Hello, gorgeous. How are you today? I am well, but I am cold. It’s freezing. It’s just absolutely freezing. I live in California, and it shouldn’t be, of course, right? Everybody thinks it’s not cold here, but it really is cold, and I like to complain about it being cold because I like it to be warm. I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram, if you don’t, I invite you to, @krisplachycoach. So hang out there. Come say hello. But over the past, oh, I guess two months or so, starting with Thanksgiving week up until the first week of January, I’ve been having the best time. I got to go to Belize with my family, which was amazing. Belize is a wonderful country, lovely people. We had so much fun. We did all sorts of really, really great water activities. So if Belize is on your bucket list, I suggest. I stayed in Ambergris Caye, and I loved it.

And then I got to go to Punta Mita. My best girly Brooke Castillo treated me and my husband, and another dear friend of ours Jody Moore and her husband, to a birthday trip in Punta Mita, and we stayed in this incredible, I don’t even know, I think it was 7,000 square foot ocean front villa with a pool. It was so fun, you guys. We had an amazing time. It was such an incredible gift from my friend. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed. And so we had that time in Mexico in December, and then the first week of January I went to Grand Cayman. The Life Coach School was hosting master coach training and I am actually one of the inaugural master coaches for the Life Coach School many years ago. I’m one of the inaugural very first master coaches with the Life Coach School many years ago. So about 10 of us who are master coaches were invited to come and be instructors here in Grand Cayman for this new group of master coaches. And so I’ve never been to Grand Cayman, and it was exceptional.

So if you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it. All three places I went, I would tell you to go and visit. All this to say that it’s who I am as a beach girl, so I’ve been nice and toasty and warm with the sun. I’ve had a tan all winter, and now it’s just cold, so I’m trying to figure where I can go next and be warm, which I think I mentioned on my last podcast. I’m going to start doing strategy days, team management strategy days, really to help you figure out how to better lead your team, and I’m starting to think I should just do them at the beach and everybody comes and meets me there. What do you think? Should we do that? As an aside and as a reminder, if that’s something you’re interested in, spending the day with me doing a strategy day, looking at your team, really first assessing you and the challenges you’re having as the founder, entrepreneur of your business, then looking at them, meaning your team, let’s do an audit. Let’s look at the players. Let’s look at the challenges. Let’s look at what’s working. Let’s look at what you think could be better. And then also the company as a whole, the culture. Does the business you’ve built represent the woman that you are? Are you consciously creating this company? I would love to spend a day with you talking through that.

So right now I’m inviting you, if you’re interested, to send an email to hello@krisplachy.com. Just put in the email, I’m interested in being on the short list for a strategy day. Let us know why, and then we’re going to be sending out applications and more information to folks who express interest. So if that’s who you are, you’re not going to find this on the website, you’re not going to find this anywhere hiding. This is really available to you specifically by request. So please go ahead and send us a note and let us know.

I also wanted to share with you, another one of my clients lovingly shared a post review on iTunes. So I thought I would share her feedback as well, because it’s super powerful. And for those of you who have maybe been considering joining me in the Founder’s Lab and working with me, I wanted to let you know what another person’s experience has been.

So here’s the post from Basically It, “Kris Plachy has incredible content for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow. This podcast helps you understand how to get your company to the point where you’re not doing all the jobs anymore. Very helpful. I joined one of her programs, too, Founder’s Lab, and it’s awesome. It’s only been a month, and the changes I’m seeing are mind blowing.” Come on. How fun is that? So if you’re thinking about working with me, I really want to recommend you go to krisplachy/join. We do set up a system where we meet everybody that is interested in working with me in my program. So I’d love to connect with you and talk with you and know more about what you’re up to. Okay?

So today, as I mentioned on my last podcast, this month we’re really talking about you as the boss of your business. And I’ve broken that down into four segments. If you are in the Founder’s Lab every week, we’re going to be doing a deeper dive into each one of these areas. So for purposes of the podcast, you’re getting kind of the overview, and then if you want to take this to the next level, that’s where we work together to really do the work. So today we’re talking about patterns, entrepreneurial patterns. And this is true. I just think this is such powerful work, because all of us have patterns that keep showing up in our lives, right? And regardless of circumstance, regardless of the players, regardless of where you live, regardless of the issues happening in your company, there just keeps being patterns.

And some of these are amazing. Some of these are patterns that keep happening in your life that you just think, wow man, this is so cool. And then there’s other patterns, other results that you’re getting in your life, that are pretty consistent, that are not what you want. But when we don’t understand and don’t have the awareness that what we think about comes about, that the way that we internalize and process our circumstances are ultimately what drive the results that come on the outside of it, we really do blame all these patterns on external circumstances. We blame them on people, we blame them on the issues in society. We blame them on our parents. We blame them on parenting, or being a parent, or our kids, or our employees, the economic climate of the world. We just blame results that we get.

But what I want you to do through the lens of this podcast is start to look at what are some of the results that you keep getting no matter what. And I want you to think about both sides of the coin here. So this isn’t just about what are the patterns that you’re getting that you don’t want, but also what are the patterns that you’re getting that you’re excited about? Because we need to figure out why those are happening, so that we can start to make changes to some of the ones that we have that we don’t like, that we don’t want. Because we also tend to just give away the patterns that are really great in our lives and in our businesses to chance. Also, blame isn’t the right word, but we attribute our successes, again, externally. Oh, well I was just lucky because this, or I just happened to have this happen, or oh, I got so lucky with this employee, right? Like, not really. Not if it’s consistent.

So we’re going to talk about those. Now, I know that I’ve taught you guys over the last several podcasts, over the past year, really, that when I think about you and me as a female entrepreneur, I think about the five key relationships that you need to have. We need to have and develop a relationship with our money, with our time, with our team, with our business, and with ourselves. So when we’re talking about patterns, I think the easiest way to digest this process and this information is through each one of those relationships, because they really do touch all the core parts of you as a business woman.

So we could start with money. Now, I like money is a pretty good, tangible one, because it’s very measurable, and I can tell you from personal experience and the clients that I coach, and frankly just the female entrepreneurs that I know, that there are definitely people who consistently have issues with money. They run out of money, they never have enough money, they make money and then lose money. They default on a credit card every month with their money. They are late on bills. There is a frazzle element to money. Ungrounded, which means, of course, that you are unconscious when it comes to your money. And in most cases that’s not on purpose, but it is, because you make decisions to avoid looking at, thinking about, and deciding important things related to money, which then leads you to being sort of clueless about your money. Surprise, shocked, I can’t believe again, this always happens to me, right?

And so what are the patterns you have with money? Now, you might be the opposite. You might just be like, no, my money is never a problem for me. I always have money. No matter what, I have money. Now, what I want you all to understand is that is not because of money. It’s because of your thinking about money, and you learned your thoughts about money a very long time ago. And so sure, we can say, well, that’s someone else’s fault that I think this way about money. Okay, but if you listened to last week’s podcast, you know that there gets to be a point as an adult that you take responsibility for everything that you believe, if we’re really going to do this adulting thing well. And we’ve got to look at the thoughts you think about money and how those are translating into the results you get in your business and in your life financially. And if you are always up against the wall when it comes to money, we’ve got to figure out what that is. Don’t you think? Aren’t you tired of that?

I watched some of my clients really spin on this. I know how exhausting this is, and the close cousin or sister of this is time. So money and time. Time is another one where you can just, you know who I’m talking about. There are people that you know, you and I both know, who are no matter what always late. They’re always late. There’s other people who are always early. There are people who are always frazzled with time. They can’t get it all done. They have just, everything’s a mess in their lives. They’re just always frazzled. It’s the same word [inaudible 00:13:54] we’d use for money. And if they’re not late, they commit to something and then they cancel right away, or they cancel right before whatever the thing is. Oh, I can’t make it.

Money and time, their budget, they have to have a budget. There’s only so much time in a day. You can’t over commit yourself. But a lot of people do. Now, I’ve watched a lot of people, the reason they over commit is because they don’t know how to say no. They don’t want to let other people down. They don’t know how to make a decision. So that’s what causes that problem. But that relationship with time is, do you have a pattern in your life and in your business that is reflected in your relationship with time? Does time always feel like it’s slipping through your fingers? Do you give your time away to other people? Do people take your time? What are the patterns that you have when it comes to time that you’re just done with? And then where do you thrive with time? I know some people who can really, really struggle with how they manage time, but they’re also really great at planning vacations and taking time for themselves.

I used to have a friend who was so good at self care. That was never a problem, but anything else, she couldn’t get it. She was late or would forget or would over commit, but when it came to her own time, like for herself, she was really good at it. So I wonder what her thoughts were. What were the thoughts that kept her really good at taking care of herself and managing time for herself, but not managing time when it involved anyone else and a commitment to other people?

The third one is your business. What are the patterns that you see in business? Organization, disorganization, ideas, changing plans. I know for myself, this is one I work on all the time, shiny object syndrome. Like, ooh, that’d be fun. But the bigger your business gets, the harder it is for it to follow your vision so quickly. When it’s just you and a couple people, it’s easy to be nimble. When it’s you and 20 people, it’s not that easy. It’s a lot to ask of a business to be that flippant, that quick, just because of your change of vision. So I did a podcast many, many months ago called Visionary Constraint for this reason. So as your business becomes more of an entity without you at the heart of it, you have to be very thoughtful about the patterns that you bring into the business. What are the consistent results that are happening in the business?

And again, the close sister to this is the team. So you have patterns that you love and you have patterns that you wish would change. Maybe you keep hiring the same problem over and over again. Why? If we knew, if you just took it at face value and you just believed me that the reason you keep having the same problem over and over again is because of you instead of them, what would it be? Don’t indulge them. Like last fall, I really struggled to hire an assistant, and I knew it was me. Dude, and I teach this stuff, right? So come on. But I had to really, really slow down with myself. Like, what was I doing? And what I was doing was I was over focusing on skill and under focusing on values. And as soon as I got that better in my brain, I realized I have a lot more patience for skill. But when it comes to values, if there’s not a value match, it’s not going to work. So in my haste to get help and want support, I was just hiring for skill and skipping the value part, and that was the problem. And so then when I’ve now hired somebody who has way more alignment to my values, I’m so much more tolerant and willing to allow her to fail at skill, because I can teach that. I can’t teach you how to have my values.

That was a pattern. And I’ll tell you, it was a tough one for me, because I’ve never had a problem hiring in my whole leadership career. It’s usually the opposite. I have more people that want to work with me than I have opportunity. So I really had to do some work here. What are the patterns you see in your team and in your business? Do you have people who are on your team who are always disrespectful? That gossip? Who don’t perform? Who complain? What if we just believed me, that it starts with you and not them? What is the pattern? What are the thoughts that you believe that are really driving this result?

And the last one is you, the relationship you have with yourself. What are the patterns that you continue to get in your life that you love and that you wish you could change? What if we just believed it sits with you, and not in a burdened, judgy, blamey way, just in a huh, I’m going to work this out. I’m going to figure this out. Because other people are getting different results and they have similar circumstances, right? So a lot of these feed back into you, your thoughts about time, your thoughts about money, your thoughts about hiring people to help you, your thoughts about being a business owner, your thoughts about you, your worthiness, your confidence.

It’s natural as a human to have developed beliefs. We all have, passively, very unsupervised, that then we either use to sort of say this is who I am in the world. This is just how I am. This is just who I am. We believe things about ourselves, and those trigger how we feel, how we act, and then the results we get. And so wherever you have, look, you guys, we all have patterns in our lives, whether it’s in the relationships that you have with other people, or your success in certain parts of your life, like how you take care of your body, or we already talked about time or how you manage your money, or whether you’ve ever been able to buy a house or not. There’s all these things that just, you look at other people and you think, why is it so easy for them and for you it just keeps being hard, right?

Is it because of the circumstances? No, and the reason I know this for absolute sure is you have to look at, there’s people who have really fascinatingly different circumstances, where you would think there’s no way they could get where they are, and they are. And if you just chalk that up to luck, or if you attribute to them some attribute that you just then use as the excuse for why they could do it and you can’t, you’re cutting yourself off. You’re cutting yourself short for what you’re capable of. What if this is just a pattern that you’ve just believed something for a little while, maybe 47 years? And you could decide to be more conscious about it and change the pattern. That’s all. And like I said, this isn’t filled with judgment or blame. This is really just about curiosity. But as an entrepreneur, because you’ve chosen this line of work, you have to understand yourself, because yourself is so embedded in the work you put in the world. And the cleaner and clearer you get about that, the more productive and successful you will be and your business will be. So that’s why for me, this is so essential. I know a woman who is happy and does the work, challenges herself and grows, will realize better results in her business. I just know that.

So I invite you to spend a little time in looking at the patterns in your life. And as I’ve said before, when we do this work together, we really explore it and we try new things on and we go in sort of my proverbial dressing room of thoughts and we try stuff on, and we look at what we might want to believe instead. So give it some thought. Have a great day. Thanks for tuning in.

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