Ep #56: Leading with Certainty When Everything Is Uncertain

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Leading with certainty comes from your mind. Everybody who is willing to develop a plan and create certainty for themselves and others will come out of this knowing more, learning more, and connecting more than the people who want to believe this is unfair and who want to find someone to blame.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  1. Leadership is making decisions when there’s no right answer.
  2. Ideas will flow when you surround yourself with people who want to stimulate forward action.
  3. Your certainty as a leader will come from your mind. It does not come from your circumstance.
  4. Own your success so you can own your future success.
  5. If you give away your past success as luck, you don’t accept ownership for what you can create.

Featured on the Show and Other Notes:

  • New program roll-out coming called Leading Through Crazy Times.  We’ll cover the four essential areas you need to focus on as a leader: your brain, your plan, your focus and your team. This will include an employee kit (a special module with 8 lessons/insights for your team and anyone else you care about to share with freely), two coaching calls per week and Saturday calls every other weekend.
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Podcast Transcript

Hey, I’m Kris Plachy, host of the Lead Your Team podcast. Running a million-dollar business is not easy. And whether you’re just getting started with building your team, or you’ve been at this for a while, I’m going to bring you honest, specific, and clear practices you can use, right now, today, to improve how well you lead your team. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Hello, hello, hello my friends. How are you? You are deep on my mind, I’m spending all my time right now with my current clients, I’ve increased all of my coaching hours, and I’m rolling out a new program this week called, Leading Through Crazy Times, if you haven’t heard about that, and you’d like to join, I know there’s still the option to do that, just go to my website, krisplachy.com, and across the menu, you’ll see, LEADING THROUGH CRAZY. Just click on that, and it will take you through the process of registration. It’s very affordable, and very timely. From where you are, we’re going to be talking about, the four essential areas that you need to focus on as a leader. Which are your brain, your plan, your focus, and your team.

And in addition to providing content and tools for you, weekly, I’m also going to provide an employee kit, which will be a module of about four videos, that you can give all of your employees and share with them, and frankly share with whoever you want, and then I’m also going to be offering biweekly, so two coaching calls a week, and then two other weeks, I’m going to host calls on Saturdays as well. So there’ll be a third call in a couple of those weeks. It’s a tremendous value, but it’s more for me, it’s about keeping you clear and focused, having a place to come, having a community of people to talk with, and getting the coaching that you need, so that you can take the action that you need, so that you can support your business.

Because as a leader, this is time to lead. This is it. This is when we lead, this is not when we wait. We don’t have time to wait. We have to go, but we have to go through where we are, methodically, and have a plan, and be thoughtful. So I’d love to have you join me. What I want to talk with you about today, is how to lead, with certainty when everything is uncertain. And I understand that’s a dilemma. And it doesn’t matter, honestly. If you own a restaurant, or if you work in a huge company, everybody’s really reeling. Now, everybody’s reeling at different levels. And frankly, I have physicians who are clients as well, and they’re doing, Talk About Uncertainty for them. They’re in it. They’re the front line every day. So we all have to look at our own circumstance that’s affecting us.

We have the pandemic, and we have our own circumstance, but then what’s going on? And what people want more than anything is certainty. Now, what I know for sure, is that even though we have believed, we’ve had certainty for all of our lives, up until today, we really don’t. We don’t have certainty. We think we do, and that’s what makes us feel safe and secure. We think we’re going to wake up, and get ready, and go to school, or go to work, and we’re going to drive on this road, and we’re going to drive in our car, and we’re going to see these people, and we’re going to do this for lunch. We think we know. And when we believe that things are certain, we feel good.

But right now, because everything changed, in the last five days, we don’t feel certain. We don’t think anything is certain anymore. But the truth is you guys, nothing ever has been. And while I appreciate that’s like a little bit of a big concept, I think as soon as you know that, it helps you adjust faster. Because what you do, if you don’t know that, is you, or if you don’t believe me, is you spin, and you argue, and you blame, and you self-victimize. You stay stuck in the circumstance of thought, with thoughts that keep you feeling terrible. Long as you feel terrible, you’re not going to take forward action. And what we need from leaders right now, is action. I said in my last special edition podcast, that leadership is making decisions when there’s no right answer. And I know that’s what all of you have been doing, all last week, is making decisions, and not knowing what’s the right answer.

And I want you to be doing that from your own… you have to do your own work, to develop a plan that, you can execute, with a new level of certainty. Because when you’re certain, other people will believe you, and other people will feel safe with you. I am certain about my plan. I am more confident, frankly than ever, that I can help you. This is what I’ve been preparing for my whole life. I’ve had a lot of really challenging, unexpected change-moments throughout my life, not just as an adult.

I know how to do this. And if you want to argue that your circumstances are worse than others, or you want to find someone will commiserate with you, I am not your girl. But if you want to take action and change stuff, and make things work right now, I am your girl. Because everybody who is willing to develop a plan, and create certainty for themselves and others, will come out of this, knowing more, learning more, connecting more, experiencing more, than people who want to believe, this is unfair, and this shouldn’t be happening, and this is wrong, and finding someone to blame, and self-victimizing. It feels good to do that together, just go on Facebook. Everybody’s in there together in soup, aside from the occasional cute pet meme. I’m over here creating a plan. I have a business, and the people who I support, in my business are all suffering. But I have a family of four also, five, I’m the fifth, and my husband’s not working. He’s a physical therapist. His clinic’s closed. He’s self-employed.

We all have to do this, you all. I don’t have a choice, but I feel good about what I’m doing, because I have a plan. Do you have a plan? The way that we become a leader who leads with certainty, is we design a plan. Now, could that plan change? Of course. But without a plan, you feel lost. Am I wrong? And you’re waiting for someone else to tell you what to do. And for as much as I know, I can yell at the mountaintop, no one’s going to tell you. Now, if you work with me, I’m going to help you figure that out, a heck of a lot faster than if you’re sitting there alone, or sitting drinking wine with girlfriends virtually, which I love too.

But trust me, the ideas will flow when you surround yourself with people who want to stimulate forward action. And your business and your team need you. Even if you’ve laid everybody off. I know all of you who laid your people off, you want to bring them back. Show them that you’re working your ass-off, to make that happen as quickly as possible. And I know there’s a lot of you who are doing that. That’s what my clients are doing. They laid people off. They did it for a reason, and now they’re working a plan.

We can all agree this sucks. That’s not going to get you anywhere. Let’s go. Your certainty as a leader, will come from your mind. It does not come from your circumstance. And the same is true for everybody else on this planet, but most people don’t know that. Most people think, certainty comes from the circumstance. Certainty comes from, there not being this horrible thing in the world, that we’re all afraid of, except that all of those horrible things have existed all along. You all know that. And we still got up, and got on airplanes and flew. We still did our thing. Right now, this is unique, because we don’t understand it. We’re following orders of mother earth to say, “Just chill out for a minute, so we can figure this thing out.” In the meantime, we’ve got to buy food from the restaurants, we’ve got to pay our house cleaners, we’ve got to get our nails people cared for, we’ve got to take care of our economy.

And how are we going to do that, when the leaders lead, and they may generate revenue. And it doesn’t matter to me what business you’re in. Some businesses are thriving, hospitals, insurance, UPS, FedEx, Amazon. I want you to thrive, and I know that every single person that I work with, there’s always another way to think about your business right now. And that’s what people are looking for. The leaders who step up, and really own their space, you’re so attractive to other people. You’re so inviting. You help people feel safe. And that’s what they want. And I appreciate… I have my own coaching calls every day. I need to clean up my mind. I am not sailing through this. I’ve got a lot of thoughts I have to clean up every day.

So trust me when I understand that. That’s why I don’t know how anybody is surviving, if they don’t know the thought modal, and they don’t have a coach, because I have to do this, frankly more than once or twice a day, for sure. But that doesn’t change the belief, the firm belief, that I am absolutely geared to help my clients right now. I am all in. All I want to do is serve you guys. In fact, it’s almost like perpetuating a little bit of anxiety, because I can’t get to all of you. I can’t do enough of it. I’m on it though. I’m working hard, and I feel better when I work hard, and I feel better when I have a plan.

So if you haven’t written a plan, write one. If you’re struggling because you can’t think of anything, work with me. I can help you. I appreciate that some people are worried about paying for things right now. I get it, but trust me, if you could spend a little bit of money, to capitalize much bigger, even if it was 60 days from now, isn’t it worth it? The one thing that will stop you, from being able to invest right now and create something right now, is your mind. Nothing else. Nothing else is stopping you. Nothing else. All the results we get in our lives, are the results of our thinking. And there are ways to work on that, that are not that complicated. Again, leading with certainty starts in your mind. It starts with clarity of purpose, it starts with a plan, and it starts with your confidence. And what people want more than anything are leaders, they can believe in, and trust. And you being that leader for your client, for your employees, for your family, for your community, for your friend group, it’s intoxicating.

Please be that person for me. All people just want is that person, and it’s something you’re capable of, because you’ve already built in your life. Everything that you have built, is because of your mind. Not luck, not the economy, not your industry. Own your success, so you can own your future success. If you give away your past success as luck, you don’t accept ownership for what you can create. And that was the thought I wrote this morning for myself, that I know makes me feel amazing. And that’s that, I can create my success. When I feel accountable, when I feel ownership, I take action. As soon as I slip into, “What am I going to do?” “This is terrible.” “I don’t know how I’m going to handle this.” “I can’t believe this is happening.” I feel powerless, and I act paralyzed. And just as I said that to you, my body shrank in my chair. I was sitting straight up, which I am now, arrow-tall, and then as soon as those thoughts came out of my body, I literally shrank in my chair.

It doesn’t serve you to indulge miserable feeling thoughts. But it takes discipline. You can create certainty, in a time that is uncertain, because you already have, every single day of your life. This is no different. And if you know that, I can help you, then please join me. I want to work with you, to get through this moment in time, because that’s what this is, with grace and purpose, and I know I can. Go to my website, Krisparchy.com, click on, LEADING THROUGH CRAZY, take a look at what we put there, and if it calls to you, do it. You won’t regret it. Have a awesome, amazing planful day.

Hey there, gorgeous, are you ready to take everything I teach you in this podcast, and put it to work in your business, and really learn how to master, leading your team? If so, I’d love to have you as a client, in the Founder’s Lab, to learn more about how we can work together. Head on over to Krisparchy.com/join. There you’ll, see everything you need to know about the Founder’s Lab, and how to get started. See you there.


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