Ep #57: The Five Essentials for Leading Through This Moment

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For those who are having to shelter in place, here are five key principles to keep in mind to help you with leading through this moment.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  1. The first principle is to manage your mind.
  2. Be able to fail while being seen – it’s a superpower.
  3. Innovate and solve, don’t shut down and fret.
  4. Fourth is serving.
  5. Just keep working. Keep showing up.

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Podcast Transcript

Hey, I’m Kris Plachy, host of the Lead Your Team Podcast. Running a million-dollar business is not easy. And whether you’re just getting started with building your team or you’ve been at this for a while, I’m going to bring you honest, specific, and clear practices you can use right now, today, to improve how well you lead your team. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Hello, hello, hello. How are you? How are you? Just thinking about you. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. So I have been coaching. For all of my existing clients, I have beefed up, I’m doing office hours every day, plus that we have our group calls, plus they have one-on-one with me. My one-on-one clients, I’m also doing the same for them, plus I’ve started the Leading Through Crazy Times coaching intensive, just started yesterday, which is a fabulous group of people. And while it is certainly been a crazy ride, well, I think I’ve worked about 12 days in a row, I am feeling really good about how much help we’re able to provide and help and support. I know Michelle on my team is equally busy. We’re doing everything we can to support all of you because everyone’s going through this in a different way for different impacts. Everything is affecting everyone differently. And so I hope this finds you where you are and provides you some guidance.

So today, what I want to talk with you about is what I’m really watching as everything unfolds, what I think are some really key principles you need to keep in mind to help yourself move through this if you’re, particularly in one of those industries that is significantly impacted by shelter in place or stay at home or just in general, people not being able to interact with each other within any reasonable distance. So I’m just going to go through a list of five things that I wanted to share with you to give you to pay attention to and hopefully give you just a little extra insight and idea generating to help you through the next several weeks.

So I also want to throw out there for you, if you aren’t following me on Instagram or don’t already belong to my mailing list, make sure you follow me on Instagram @krisplachycoach. I am also on Facebook which is also Kris Plachy, and you can still join my subscriber list by going to krisplachy.com/connect and you can just add your name there and we’ll get you on a list. And the reason I’m saying that is, I’d love for you to just drop me a note, and you can do that either through the email, you just reply to any of the emails I might be sending out to you or on my Instagram, just DM and let me know what you need. Let me know what kind of help you… Things you wish you knew more about, things you could use some help thinking about, just drop me a note, top things that are on your mind that you’re looking for guidance or insight on. I would love to know what that is and I will do my best to see what I can do to support you.

So let’s go through these top five things. These are really the top five areas. I really think people who come through this well, whatever that means, everybody’s definition of that will be different as well, this is what I’m watching. The first one is how will you manage your mind? And I know you all hear me say that and managing your mind can sound a little, I don’t know, weird. What I mean when I say manage your mind, I mean that you have a lot of thoughts, we all do, we are exposed to them. I just took my daughter today for a private outdoor training, and the person that we were with just was chatting and telling me some information about a conversation he’s having with some people. And I found it very disturbing. And I had to immediately just get on the phone with my girlfriend and say, “Okay, laugh at me and my brain because I need to get this out of my head immediately before it anchors and grabs hold and I spin on it all night and I don’t sleep.”

We’re really invited, I think, at a level that most of us don’t even realize, very unintentionally and very passively. We’re really invited to hear and listen to a lot of other people’s thoughts. And I know you’ve heard me say this before, but that brain of yours, if you’re a business owner and leader, that brain is vital to your success, and we’ve got to keep it directed in a way that’s meaningful. I use the thought model, that’s what I teach my clients, that’s how I coach you. I really help my clients work through their thinking while I’m teaching you and showing you and guiding you through the processes you also need to have in place to run an effective operating business and managing the people and the team and hiring and firing. So all of that still needs to happen, and managing your mind is essential, especially right now if you have people who are overworked and exhausted, if you have clients that are demanding a ton of you, if you have to lay off employees, that’s one of the modules I put in the leaning through crazy times, it’s laying off with love, it’s, it’s a rough go. But frankly right now the US government and other governments are doing all they can to make this a reasonable soft landing for people. So sometimes laying people off is not the worst thing. It might be better for them.

So the second thing is, I’m watching the women who are really seeking to thrive, they are willing to take a risk, now, not just one. And what I want to say about risk here is I don’t mean risk as in money, like investing. Sure, that can matter. Investing money can matter. And if you have that as an option and you’re considering something, then this would also apply. But what I really mean here in terms of risk is I’m saying that I’m watching people risking being seen in a way they have not been seen before. Failing and failing very publicly. Failing while being seen instead of quietly just trying something. People are testing and trying things publicly. So whether it’s if you’re a physician and you’re testing telemedicine, if you’re some sort of physical occupational behavioral therapist and you’re testing tele-health, if you’re a coach or you’re a solopreneur and you’re testing new kinds of marketing strategies or platforms or social media connections or new programs, if you’re food services and you’re testing new ways to sell, package, deliver your food, no matter what it is, the people who are doing okay, and I even mean that from a standpoint of like they’re busy and they’re active and they’re engaged, they’re willing to test and take risks and be seen all at the same time.

And I know that can be very scary for some people. Change is a terrifying exercise for a lot of people, but that is a superpower and I encourage you to embrace being willing to fail while being seen.

The third thing is people who are innovating and solving instead of shutting down and fretting. There isn’t any value in finding a group of people to commiserate with right now. Sure it might feel good. Sure it might feel validating. It’s not going to propel you forward. The propelling you forward is innovation and solutions, and your business could end up looking very different than it did three weeks ago, that’s okay. You know what I’ve been saying to people a lot is, you may not be able to do what you used to do, but you can do something differently that you never expected. What is that? What can you offer that’s different that still could work? Maybe it’s not at the level that you want it to be, maybe the income isn’t what you hoped it would be, but what is it?

We have to be in a position of innovating and solving and I’ll be honest, I know we’re going to get some incredible stuff that comes out of this time. As hard as this is on so many people, the innovation and the idea generating is brilliant. It’s really, really interesting and powerful and awesome to watch.

The fourth thing is serving. I am watching people either grow and show up and be focused on helping, serving, providing, supporting. I’m also watching people disappearing, where did they go? And look, I get that if you’re really having a hard time, it’s so hard to show up for other people, and that’s why I really want you to find a way to have somebody help you through your thinking. So whether you work with me as a coach or you work with another coach, or you have a really good friend, or you have a therapist, you have somewhere you can go, because if you’re finding it really hard to show up, it’s not because of the circumstance, it’s because of your mind, you guys. And if you’re not well, then rest, then get better. But if you’re really just worried, I understand that. All of us have had those moments, but we’ve got to find a tribe of people and places to go, where we can be lifted and supported so that you can do the same. This is an incredible opportunity for whatever, again, whatever industry you’re in.

I have a new client I’m working with who has a housekeeping, house cleaning service. And she has hand sanitizer and things to help people keep their homes clean, and she’s giving it away for free. Of course she is. She’s helping the people who need it. What an incredible thing to do at a time when that’s a such a valuable commodity. I think somebody else was selling it on fricking Amazon for $100 a bottle. It was just so silly. This is time to help and serve. People will remember. Even if they can’t give you money, if they can’t buy from you right now, they can’t hire you right now, they will remember you if it’s authentic, if you mean it. So find your way to do that if you can.

And then the last thing I just want to throw out to you guys, it’s not rocket science, but it’s my little mantra, which is just keep working. Just keep working. Now, that doesn’t mean work 14-hour days, but it does mean keep showing up, keep working, get up, take a shower. We had a conversation about this on a coaching call today. Not uncommon for some of us to now, especially if you’re not used to sheltering in place and this is new for you, there’s some people who really are just not getting ready every day, get up, get your morning routine. I know I’ve talked about this already, follow your plan, journal, exercise, go for a walk, run up and down the stairs in your house, do some pushups, do an online yoga class. There’s plenty of options for you to take care of your body. Get in the shower, do your hair, put your makeup on, get some lipstick on, put your earrings on. I appreciate this might sound silly. I don’t mean it to because I know there’s people who will value hearing it. Put your perfume on or your lovely lotion. Take care of yourself. You’ll feel better. Just don’t wear your shoes in the house. Shoes are bad right now, but some cute slippers on but don’t put your shoes on. Keep ready, keep going to work.

Schedule a standing call with somebody at nine in the morning that you’ve got to show up for, video call. You can’t hide. Get yourself going and keep working. The more you stay focused on thinking about solving things, how you can help people. Think about whoever it is that is your client or customer, what do they need more than anything right now and how can you help them with it. Take a couple risks. Do something that you’ve always thought, Oh, I don’t know. Give it a shot. Be willing, see what happens, could be the best thing you ever did.

This will pass. This is temporary. And there will be a moment where everything kind of comes back together. I want you to be ready for that, so stay with yourself and stay with your business, whatever that looks like right now, you’ve got this, okay? All right.
Thanks for tuning in today and I will look forward to working with you again next week.

Hey there, gorgeous. Are you ready to take everything I teach you in this podcast and put it to work in your business and really learn how to master leading your team? If so, I’d love to have you as a client in the Founders Lab. To learn more about how we can work together, head on over to Krisplachey.com-/join. There you’ll see everything you need to know about the Founders Lab and how to get started. See you there.

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