Everything You Need to Know, You Already Know…

Today is my birthday. More than New Years, I consider my birthday to be the fresh start to the year ahead.

It’s when I take stock in everything that happened the year before. It’s when I dream with wild abandon. It’s when I start to muse.

During a recent reflection, I began to dwell on the concept of ‘knowing.’

I believe we all have several access points for ‘knowing’.

There’s intellectual-knowing… what we learn from reading, listening and the teachings of others.

There’s experiencial-knowing… what we learn from our own bumbling and plodding through the unexpected that translates into new understanding.

There’s wisdom-knowing… which is the culmination of what we’ve gathered through our intellectual-knowing and experiencial-knowing.

And then there’s deep-knowing… this is when you just know, even though there isn’t really any reason for you to know.

Maybe it’s intuition. Maybe it’s energy. Maybe it’s your soul’s work. Maybe it’s God.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that deep-knowing is something we all have.

And when we are able to tap into our deeply-rooted, profound-knowing we find answers to our most complex, challenging circumstances.

I believe this year we have all had to touch this part of ourselves in some way or another.

Regardless of whether you would qualify this year as a ‘dumpster fire’ or a ‘transformation’, we have been forced through an unexpected journey of accessing a level of understanding, wisdom, and belief that may feel unfamiliar or undiscovered.

So much so that I’ve witnessed many women who don’t believe or trust their own knowing. They tap into something that seems perfect for them, but then they don’t trust it. Maybe it’s the intellectual-knowing that fights with it. Or maybe your experiencial-knowing doesn’t add up to the pull and tug that your deep-knowing draws you towards.

What if you didn’t question it?

What if you believed yourself?

What if you stopped looking outside for the answer?

What if the answer isn’t in a book, a teacher, a mentor, or a celebrity?

What if the answer is right there… within you, but you’re not versed in listening?

Unexplained knowing can feel frightening.

But it may also be the path that this year has intentionally presented you with.

What if that were true?

As a woman, you make thousands of decisions in a day. Even the most aware of us can lose our sense of connection to our deep-knowing.

The irony is that we become distracted from our own deep-knowing because we are so busy helping others to access their own intellectual or experiential knowing.

Deep-knowing is always there. It just needs a time and space to reveal itself.

As we embark on another year… which is sure to fill itself with more opportunity for us to tap into the peace that only deep-knowing can provide, I propose that the best use of your time over these next few weeks is to make space for THAT wisdom.

I believe, if nothing else, 2020 has been designed as it was to create a more intimate journey for each of us, with ourselves.

Your deep-knowing spirit knows what you most want to know.

Tune in.



Then take a step… It might just be the magic you’ve hoped for.

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