Don't Rely on Your Business, Employees or Clients for your happiness

Do not assign your business, your team, or your clients the responsibility of making you happy.


I coach brilliant, unique, uber-talented women daily.

That means…

Daily, I remind, cajole, yell, and love them through the process of remembering that it is not their business’, team’s, or client’s job to make them happy.

Not to mention that waiting for their business, team, or clients to change in order to be happy is a futile proposition. As a woman who opted in to lead her own business, you made a choice…

Whether you knew it at the time or not. You chose to engage in all of it.

The challenging decisions.

The unexpected wins and happiness.

The frustrating moments.

The unicorn employee.

The difficult employee.

The gratitude of others.


And it will never end. It’s like laundry. There will always be more.

More awesome.

More awful.

More ‘are you kidding me?’

More ‘I’m living a dream’.


Many clients come to calls and they just want it all to be fixed.

They want it to be easy.

They want it to stop hurting. To stop happening. To stop being there tomorrow.


It will always, always be there.

It’s the deal.

As my dear friend and coach, Brooke Castillo says, life is 50/50. To have the 50% that blows your mind, we have to take the 50% that drives you mad. And lean into all of it.

Quote explaining happiness in business

Happiness comes from within

Once we really learn that our joy, peace, patience, calm, and happiness, come from our own mind and not from other people or our business… we can ride the wave of all of it.

You will always have a tough decision to make.

You will always have someone who unexpectedly quits.

There will always be things you could’ve done better.

There will always be things they could have done better.

It’s okay.

You’re okay.

You can be happy, calm, and peaceful no matter what they do.

First, you MUST stop assigning your business, your team, and your clients the job of making you happy. They are terrible at it. But you… you could be amazing at it. And the first step is to decide to accept what is…

Determine how you want to choose to think about it.

Feel better.

And take new action. Once you get this simple practice.

The entire game will change for you.


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