Fighting to Keep Your Problems

Wubby (n.): A blanket carried by a child to reduce anxiety.

Problems aren’t wubbies.

And yet so many of us become addicted to our problems.

Not because we want to keep them, but because we don’t know who or how to be without them.

I see this in my clients regularly.

Here are a few of the most commonly kept problem-wubbies for female entrepreneurs:

Problem: I have someone on the team who isn’t performing but I’m held hostage by them because they know everything in my business.

Problem: I’m overwhelmed and exhausted but I can’t trust anyone on the team to do it as well as I can.

Problem: I have a person who isn’t doing their job well, but I don’t want to be the ‘bad guy’ and upset the team culture.

Problem: I have to hire more people but I hate hiring and I’m not any good at it … oh and there are no good people out there anyway.

As an entrepreneur, you solve problems for a living. In fact, you eat them for breakfast lunch, and dinner.

But, if you’re honest, my guess is there are a few problem wubbies you’re hanging on to that are keeping you AND your business stuck.

And I KNOW this doesn’t make sense to fight to keep a problem, but we ALL do it up until the moment we don’t. Why is this? Because each of us has problems in our business we believe are truths and immovable or insurmountable. Not because we are weak or feeble-minded… but because we have tried over and over to solve said problem, to consistently cruddy results.

The next step is to choose a new possibility. Not a new action. A new possibility. The only way to release a problem wubby is to be willing to see what could be, not just what to do.

Then we go about coaching your mind and your gorgeous spirit on who the woman is that will create and have that new possibility in their life and business.

I understand why we all fight to keep our problems. Sometimes, we’re so done thinking about them that we can’t see any other way. Other times we have fear around the change required to truly abolish the recurring problems we face.

I have worked with enough female entrepreneurs to know that there is no problem that cannot be solved. Period.

Miracles happen in our business when we acknowledge our problem wubbies, we decide to believe in new possibilities and we allow ourselves to explore and take action as the woman who no longer is embattled with these problems.

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