The Decisions that Women Leaders Must Be Willing to Make

The path to stepping into your leadership voice is paved with thousands of decisions…

Some small.

Some huge.

Here are a few to keep in mind:

The decision…

To hold people accountable even though we know they may not like us.

To set expectations with people who aren’t used to them.

To hold boundaries for ourselves because nobody else will do it for us.

To have someone believe you are a bitch.

To sacrifice average performance and employees because we know there are people who will work harder and do better.

To believe in the picture of the organization you are creating rather than the one you are uncomfortably comfortable in right now.

To let people be mad at you.

To let them be uncomfortable with you.

And for people to just, plain not like you.

To lean into your kindness, and your compassion and use those assets loudly and proudly for the superpowers they are.

To trust your gut.

To know when you are being manipulated, gaslit, and innuendo’d simply because you are a woman.

To make decisions that will make you and others temporarily unhappy.

To make decisions that will have unintended consequences.

To lose the nice person in your business, in order to hire the amazing person for the business.

The path of a female leader is not an easy one. It is riddled with difficult decisions that you would much rather not make. It is riddled with reactions from others that you wish you did not have to deal with.

But know this:

When you stand for what you believe is right in your own business…..

When you intentionally cultivate a culture and an environment that aligns with your values and the values that you want your business to represent…

All of the difficult moments are worth it.

Women are forging forward in a way like never before. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of antiquated expectations of you—from others and even in your own mind.

You get to design how you lead with your own rules.

But first, you have to understand yourself, what you’re here to do, what your business is here to do, and if you are willing to take the risk that comes with making new, risky, scary, unplanned, unpopular….decisions.

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