I Can’t Seem to Hire the Right People

Hiring. Sometimes we hate it. Leading a team is a challenge and there is always “a thing”. It’s kind of like the weather. Everyday you wish it were sunny, but even when you experience that one day, the next day it snows or there is a tornado. It’s a journey, lean into it. That’s where the growth is.

In this session:

Challenge Hiring the Right People:

I have a revolving door of employees and I’m having a hard time finding the right people for the environment I’m in.

Coach Response:
When you decide to engage in a business that requires other humans, there will always be this level of unknown. However, we can be better at discernment and building a foundation on the front end so there is structure for you to follow. It’s typical that during the interview, they ask a lot of questions, we talk a lot, and we end up thinking they can do the job. Instead, you want to create a bridge from resume to interview that reveals something about them. Ask them to make a video or submit a work sample.

Get crystal clear about not just the skills, but the behaviors you are seeking. Write the interview process beforehand so all of these get revealed throughout the course of your interviewing. Don’t just think about the tasks, but the results you want from the role. Don’t skip these steps when in desperation to fill roles or you will land with hiring PTSD. Get an actual sampling of their work. You can have them work for an hour, pay them, and use that as a job interview.

90% of the reason they don’t work out is nothing to do with skill and everything to do with behavior. In your mind, fantasize who the perfect hire is. What is she like? How does she think? What does she naturally have that you would never have to teach? Believe that person exists and hold out for them. Don’t settle.

Questions to ask yourself:

Who do I need to hire?

What are the kinds of positions I need to fill in my business?

Where is the opportunity?

What skills do I need for the position?

What behaviors do I want to see?

Pick one position. What are 2-3 things you could do on the front end, before you even go to hire, to more clearly identify some of the consistent challenges you’ve been bumping into?

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