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This week:

Challenge: How do I hold myself accountable?

I am struggling with accountability in general and claiming it as a value. Shouldn’t everyone be accountable?

Coach Response: Just because you have the value of accountability doesn’t mean they will hold it as a value. Your assumption is that everyone should just be accountable. When we have that assumption, oftentimes we don’t communicate it. We just assume everyone thinks the same way as we do. Accountability gets messy because people have great reasons for not doing what’s expected of them. After you call it out as a value, you screen and hire for it, and you create a framework to manage people when they don’t demonstrate it.

Once you get good at it, it’s a double-edge sword. People don’t like to be held accountable. When you start holding them accountable, even though you do it with love and grace, they still don’t like it. You have to be ok with that. Because then the people who work for you and are being accountable are so grateful for being in a culture of other people who work their asses off.

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