Always Questioning If You Could’ve Done More

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This week…

Challenge My Employees (fellows) are Not Meeting Expectations:

The [veterinary] fellows in our program are having a hard time meeting expectations and I’m wondering if I could have done something different or prevented it?

Coach response: Let’s start with the belief you have that you could have done more or could have done something differently.

Questions to ask yourself:

What do you tell yourself that you could have done?
What is their result that you aren’t happy with?

So if they haven’t changed their way of thinking to operate at the level you need them to, they just aren’t the right person. They have to believe it’s possible. These are adults who have agency over their own thinking. All we can ever do is help them explore options, support them, encourage them, and introduce them to the relationship between their thinking and results. They get to decide and it isn’t your job to save them.

As mentors, leaders, advisors, and parents, this is always the one that’s most frustrating. They are so bright, capable, talented, but they have to choose. Your job is not to save or propel people further than they are willing to go. Believing any differently will just set you up for suffering. There is no magic pill here.

As a female business owner, are you always questioning yourself and wondering if you could do more to help your team meet the expectations that you’ve set? Next week, October 10th-14th, we will be offering a free, live 5-Day Leadership is Feminine Formula event to help you become a more confident leader and stop questioning yourself all the time.



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