Controlling the Hiring Outcome

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This week…

Challenge: These recruitments are tiring me out. I think I need a better way of thinking about it because I put so much into each hiring decision/process but it takes too much from me. How do I get into a better mindset?

Coach response: I think you have to look at the perspective that our superpower can also become our poison. What I see is someone who is so meticulous, thoughtful, detailed and quite frankly very on point, organized, structured, consistent and loyal. Maybe even a little controlling. All of those attributes have contributed to this life that you live and the business that you have.

Now in these hiring relationships, you are dealing with someone else’s decision that has nothing to do with you. You can build the runway, supply the plane, but you don’t know if someone is going to come in and fly with you. There is nothing you can do to change it. You have built it. Your job is to invite people, talk to people, ask questions, set expectations about the process and then release it and not grip it. I think the reason you feel so burnt out is because you are so charged with getting it done that you bear down and try to control it. But you don’t get to control the last leg of those marathons. They do.

We have to change our relationship with other people’s decisions. They just aren’t your business. Your business is just to create a beautiful invitation and place where the right person will want to work. Yes, you might be judged, but that’s not your business either. You are making it mean that if someone doesn’t say yes, you didn’t do it right, you aren’t doing enough, you’re behind, or it’s going to make you look bad, and all those junk thoughts which then make you act in a way that probably isn’t in alignment with how you want to act anyway. When a candidate says, “No,” we have to learn not to use it against ourselves and move to the next one.

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