I Have a Toxic Employee

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This week…

Challenge: I have a long term employee who is an asset to the business but is toxic.

Coach Response: It’s not uncommon to have that one employee who derails the operations of your business. You know they need to go and you don’t know how to send them on their way. You will learn the most from her and if you let her go, it will be magic. This will say so much about your leadership when you address it constructively.

People’s behavior is not in your control. What you can control is the impact of their behavior on your business. Remember, it’s not your job to make her a different person. We invite her to the environment we want to create and she either accepts that invitation or she doesn’t.

Start by getting to the clear facts.

Questions to ask yourself:

What is the job? What is the biggest issue with the performance? What are your values? What are specific examples of her behavior?

Make a list of facts and evidence. On this date, she said this (quote). When she does this, this is what happens. Get out of the opinion, labels and perceptions and into the facts.

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