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This week…

Challenge: How do I know if my Executive Assistant is the right one?

Coach Response: When people get comfortable in a job, they start to slip. If you make a request and she doesn’t reply, you need to follow up. There is a difference between mistakes that get made and behaviors that will become ongoing issues.

Know what your vision for the future is. If your goal is for you to not capture any notes in meetings, she has to be exceptional at it. That conversation needs to happen now. Realize that it does take 6 to 9 months to develop a good intimacy with an EA.

Continue to follow up on what you asked for if she isn’t providing it to you.

Continue to reset expectations.

Instead of questioning it, put your energy into massaging the relationship. Instead of wondering if she’s the right person, pretend that she is. She just needs more feedback and accountability. It might be too early to know if things aren’t happening because it’s her or if too many things are coming at her and she just hasn’t figured out how to keep track of all of it. Don’t be afraid to direct her more. If you know how you want it done, tell her. Don’t ask her how she would do it.

The truth about an EA is that we want them to exercise some creativity in making your life easy but not in how she “thinks” you should live. In order for them to understand what you want and why, you have to tell them. Be very clear on things you are not OK with them exercising discretion over.

Be all in, that’s the only way you will find the right person. But trust yourself. Listen when you know something. You don’t need a great reason. All the reasons you have are valid reasons to let her go.

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