Which Assistant Do I Need?

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This week…

Challenge: I have a Personal Assistant, a Virtual Assistant and then I hired someone as an Executive Assistant and it’s not good. How do I know what I need?

Coach Response: Let’s make sure we are using the same terms. A Personal Assistant is someone who takes care of things at your house and may even help with your kids. An Executive Assistant is someone who takes care of you. Your appointments, your calendar, your travel, your client schedules. My Executive Admin worked with vendors who wanted to meet with me, she booked my podcast interviews, she helped with in-person events and that is the only ‘in the business’ work she did. I was her business. She did not get involved in how we run our company. Michelle is the Director of Operations, that’s her job. Now sometimes Michelle will reach out to my EA and say “Hey, we gotta get this on Kris’ calendar” but the EA did not work ‘in the business’. It’s very important because as soon as you bleed that line, you don’t get support because the business is much more demanding than you are. I think it’s confusing to your team and to you because their roles aren’t clear. Here’s what I want you to do: make a list of the work you most need done or that isn’t being done well. If anyone is attached to that work right now, write their name and title. If no one is attached to that work, leave it blank. The other thing you can do is write down all the things you are currently doing that you don’t think you should be doing. Then we can talk about who and where we can start to put those things in your business that would make more sense. But right now, people are just tripping over each other and stuff just isn’t getting done.

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