How to Measure a Team Member’s Success

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Challenge: How do I create goals to measure people on without creating another headache for me?

Coach Response:

I think the thought you have about it is what’s going to create the headache. Period.

Before you go to thinking it’s going to add more work, you have to start with believing the role is adding value to your business.

Then you can decide how you want to measure the success of the role. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is the reason you would hire for this role?
  • What is the result you are trying to achieve?
  • How does that help you make money?
  • What are the three to five measures that help them deliver that?

Don’t sit in confusion. They can track it for you, you don’t even have to do that yourself. You might have to test it. You might pick some things and find out they aren’t really driving the result you wanted, but you can always try tracking something else.

I manage an Operations Director who also coaches all of you. We meet each week in our 1:1 and talk about the areas of her job that leads to the result we’re trying to achieve in the business. What we track are the core areas of the business that she’s responsible for. She doesn’t generate revenue, I do. But everything that happens after that is up to her. So the fact that my clients know where to go and when, that you all show up on your calls, you are getting communicated with and followed up with when you email us, I know that that is helping the business and she’s fulfilling one of the key responsibilities of her role. Her metrics are clear and can be measured by client satisfaction and other check-ins that I can do if necessary.

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