What to Do With a Toxic Supervisor

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This week…

Challenge: What should I do with a supervisor that is performing poorly and disrupting the culture?

Coach Response: Is it reasonable to think people are frustrated that you haven’t made a decision to fix the problem? Sometimes them not showing up is about resentment and you having control over making their working conditions better but not taking action. You are commiserating and responding with empathy, but they are expecting you to do something different within your power to change the environment.

Also, could it be that you are just trying to avoid a confrontation that is uncomfortable? Are you kicking the can down the road and trying to soften the blow to her ego or to your fears around a discrimination complaint? We have to think about the message we are giving our organization. If someone is cancerous to the culture and they just get demoted, not kicked out, it doesn’t’ benefit you in the long run. You still have someone on your team who doesn’t align with your values and other people know it. Pretty soon, others will care less and not perform because they don’t see a reason to – positive performance isn’t truly valued here.

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