When Personality Slows Down Productivity

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This week…

Challenge: How do I tell someone that we want them to have a personality, but we don’t want to see it every minute of every day?

Coach Response: When you say you want them to have a personality, but you don’t want to see it every minute of every day, you have to ask yourself what you mean by that. For example, if someone is great with clients and having hard conversations, but she is very chatty in the office, I would address that differently. That requires accountability because there is a result you want and the office chattiness impacts the deliverable, which impacts the bottom line.

In that case, I would have a discussion with her. Something like:

“[Employee Name], I love how you are so thorough with your communication to clients and it helps establish great relationships with them. But I am noticing that when you come to the office, you do the same thing. <Insert specific examples>. When you do that, it impacts this deliverable in this way. So let’s talk about how you can differentiate between when to do that with clients and when to put your head down and work over here on the backend so you can deliver on time.”

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