How do I talk to the team about the growth of the company?

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Challenge: How do I talk to the team about the growth of this company? I don’t want to stand there and say that I need 15 therapists just because I want to generate more money so we are more enticing to a potential buyer.


Coach Response: Aren’t you able to help more people with 15 therapists? Which means you can help more people who are suffering. If you think you just want to make more money so you can sell, no wonder you are uncomfortable. Your vision is the dream that was kissed onto your heart. It’s why you believe that through the lens of therapy, you can help foster a kinder world. It’s still authentic. Therapy changes people’s lives. That’s the goal. It’s not disingenuous to speak to why you want more therapists when it comes to the vision of the business.In terms of positioning with the team, it sounds like you don’t feel comfortable saying “Hey, I’m building a business to sell,” not that you should. If you want to be honest and give them a lay of the land, tell them that the vision is to foster a kinder world and you know that the way to do that is to serve more clients which requires hiring more therapists. Because of that, you have a goal to get to a constant 15, so they are going to see new people joining. In addition, this is a fluid industry and people will make changes in their lives that require them to depart on their own.


The vision sets the direction for the team and all decisions made in a business. We help women get very clear on and be reminded of your true vision for the work you do in the world.

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