How do I begin to reset the pattern?

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Challenge: I have an employee that’s been working with me for six years. A lot of things she does well, others she doesn’t. When she doesn’t do something right, I swoop in and solve the problem while she sits back and waits. How do I even begin to reset that pattern?

Coach Response: It seems like what you are missing is the question of “How do I know it’s done?” Consider having a dashboard that shows you the calendar and all the stuff she’s responsible for. You might already have software available that does that. If it’s that important, I would ask for an update sooner rather than later – mini check-ins or status reports along the way rather than waiting to the end. Tell her you want a report on this in May, for example,  and just make a note in your calendar that your Business Manager should be giving you a report for this in May. You can also ask for an update monthly. That takes away the panic because you know where it stands.Becoming the leader who lets their team solve a problem is difficult because so many of us have built our business doing everything. Sitting back and watching someone else think can be a painstaking process but it’s worth it to change the culture. If you want people to own the process and the result, you have to stop swooping in to problem solve.

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