How to Know:

Is it Me or Is it Them?

  • Figure out why you can’t find people to hire right now
  • Figure out why (even if you hire people) they are text or quiet quitting
  • Figure out why THAT person isn’t doing their job, despite your best efforts to make them

Kris will show you a few simple and useful secrets for navigating this cray-cray time trying to find, hire and keep good team members.

You're not alone even though it feels that way.

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Kris Plachy, Creator of How to CEO for Female Entrepreneurs

Kris is THE Thought Leader and Expert for Entrepreneurial Management.

Known for her simple, honest and authentic style, Kris has poured her life’s work into learning about, understanding, and then guiding leaders through the tricky path of learning how to lead a team. In a space where there is a lot of  ‘noise’ and advice, Kris has designed the ‘how to’ of team & CEO leadership through her unparalleled How to CEO for Female Entrepreneurs course and coaching integration program.

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