There is a decision that has the power to separate you from where you are to where you want to be. But if you don’t even know what it is, if you’re stuck in the spin of crisis, how can you make that decision? As I’ve worked with my clients, I’ve found that in dealing…

EP #107

Episode 107: The One Decision Standing in Your Way

There is a decision that has the power to separate you from where you are to where you want to be. But if you don’t even know what it is, if you’re stuck in the spin of crisis, how can you make that decision?

As I’ve worked with my clients, I’ve found that in dealing with a crisis, there is typically just one decision that is preventing all other decisions from happening. Literally it is one decision standing in your way, causing everything else to stall and stagnate. But when you can identify that decision within the swirl of all that is happening, and deal with it… all else begins to be resolved as well. Let’s talk about it.

“It was just one decision that would lead to one action. And then, that one action would allow for everything else to be resolved.” – Kris Plachy

What You’ll Learn

  • Crisis in your business
  • Just one decision
  • What are you perseverating on?
  • Why we don’t decide
  • Easy in the eye of the beholder
  • Fear of something that doesn’t exist yet

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Well, hello there. How are you? I have something really simple I wanna talk with you about today, and I’m calling it the one decision that separates you from where you are to where you wanna be. So let’s get started.

Well, hey, hey. How are you? Welcome. I’m Kris Plachy I’m so glad that you’re here at the Leadership Is Feminine Podcast. If this is your first episode, welcome. If you’re a longtime listener, thank you for being here. And if you are a longtime listener and you haven’t written a review, I just would love to ask you if you love what you learn here, just take five, maybe even three minutes, just write a quick review.

It really does amplify the voice of this podcast across platforms to help other women find it. It’ll show up as a recommended and so forth. And also I just invite you to share the podcast with other people. So thank you for that. Inevitably, I would tell you that I think probably over 80% of my clients come from the podcast.

They find the podcast, they didn’t know something like this existed, and then they binge it. Is that you? Is that what you do? And so if that’s true for you, I would certainly love to invite you to help other women get some help as well. So thank you for, uh, tuning in and for listening.

So today I wanna talk about the one decision. So, this is interesting. The other day I was doing a possibility day with one of my clients, and ironically, I know she’s a listener. So, hi. You know who you are. And I’ve started creating this possibility day experience, which I’m really so excited about.

It’s basically like a half day, you come in, we get some coffee, we spend some time talking in the morning. Maybe we go for a walk, and then we sit down here in my beautiful new home and we really craft out what it is that we need to move forward with or what you need to move forward with. This was true for her, as it is for all of my other clients. The truth is that there is usually one decision that is preventing all the other ones from happening.

So let’s excavate that. So, In a couple weeks, I’m gonna be doing a course called the Leader in Crisis. If you’re interested in attending, go to thevisionary.ceo/crisis and you can register there. It’s a two hour course. This is a paid-for course. It’s not expensive at all, but we wanna make sure that the people that sign up for the course, are interested in actually participating and getting some support directly with me.

I think a lot of us have started to just sign up for things and we’re treating it a little bit like tv. While I appreciate TV has its place, my place in your life as far as I’m concerned, is not to just be noise. It’s to actually help you. So I would love it if you’re finding that you’re in the middle of something and you can’t really find your way out. Go to thevisionary.ceo/crisis. Check out the course and you can register there.

But what’s true about the work I do with my personal clients is part of what I’ll be teaching, because I tend to be the one that women know who – even if they haven’t worked with me for two years – they’ll call me and say, “Hey, I’m in the middle of this thing. Can you help me work through it?” So I recognize that I have a unique ability to help women find their voice in the midst of a crisis. And so I wanna teach you what I do so that you can hopefully do some of that on your own.

So a crisis can be anything, right? It can be just a crisis of spirit. It can be crisis of confidence. It could be literally clients, customers, employees, presenting to you some sort of challenge that you didn’t see coming yesterday. And the reason that I qualify it as a crisis is because you don’t have an immediate plan or idea of how you could solve it. When we find ourselves in that predicament where we’re find ourselves in this immediate moment where we can’t solve it, we can develop all sorts of beliefs, we can lean on and leverage all sorts of beliefs that we’ve had for a long time, that perpetuate our inability to solve it.

What I have certainly found is that in those moments, when we’re in the midst of this sort of swirl, there’s usually one decision. This is sort of a silly metaphor or example, but years ago we had a really crappy garbage disposal, and I made the mistake of putting popcorn down the sink and the garbage disposal just didn’t have the capacity to grind up the kernels, any of the unpopped kernels. The short of the long is, after doing all this work, we realized there was just one kernel stuck in the engine, the motor, so the blade wouldn’t spin. And as soon as we pulled that one kernel out, the thing worked perfectly. And I think it’s the same thing for all of us. What is that one decision?

The woman that I met with over just a few days ago, for her possibility day, it was so evident that it was just one decision. It was just one decision that would lead to one action and then that one action would allow for everything else to be resolved. But when we’re standing in it, here’s why we don’t do it. That one decision feels impossible. It feels like, “How do I… should I fire this guy? Do I need to hire this role? Do I have to continue to accept mediocrity in my business in order to be successful? Is she the right person for that seat? Is this the right product to sell?”

Think about what you perseverate on. I know you do. We all do. And that place in your life that you’re perseverating and you’re not taking action, whether it’s honestly business or personal, we do this everywhere. Those become like dams. Those unmade decisions, they’re dams. And then all the work, all the other decisions that can’t flow through the dam because that one isn’t made, they get backed up. And then you feel like you have a mountain of decisions to make when really you just have one. What is the one decision that will change your behavior enough?,That it will allow all this other beautiful, beautiful movement to happen in your life, in your business?

So the reason that we don’t make the decision is because it’s hard. It’s not because you don’t know the answer. Because you’re not gonna know the answer until you make the decision, right? But the reason we don’t make the decision is because it’s hard, and the only thing that’s hard about it is the way that you think about it. It’s too hard to figure it out. It’s too hard to find someone. It’s too hard to have that conversation. It’s too hard to know what the right answer is. It’s too hard to explain it to someone else. It’s too hard to think about. It’s too emotional. It’s just too difficult, right? We just sort of spin in this space and then we don’t make a decision.

Guess what happens when you wait? It gets harder. I know, right? Such a drag. And so what we do instead is we then come up, we spend all our time in the future that doesn’t exist yet, of all the things that could go wrong instead of just taking action on the decision, so easy, right? It would’ve been so easy to just make the decision. But easy is in the eye of the beholder. We know this. Because the decisions- that’s why having a coach is so valuable, right?

Because you bring your perplexing, overwhelming, difficult problem and your coach is like, “Oh, no, no, no. Here’s why there’s nothing about what you’re thinking that’s true, and here’s how you’re gonna take action.” Or, “Here’s what you could do.” Or, “Here are five other ideas”. Instead of you stirring and stewing in the problem.

Hard, I was thinking about this when I was getting ready this morning, cuz I think a lot of us say, “Oh my gosh, that’s so hard”. You know what I think is hard? Hard is like climbing. My husband’s gonna go climb Mount Whitney, which is out here in California. That is hard. That is physically exhausting, challenging, hard. I wouldn’t be able to do it. I don’t have the joints or the oxygen capacity to do it, but he does. Then there’s the emotional and the mental hard. What we do, unless you are excavating and lifting heavy things all day, when you say that something’s hard to do, it’s just because it’s emotionally and mentally challenging.

But here’s what we know about you. You’re an elite woman. You really can do hard things. But there’s times where you just can’t see beyond it. You are so invested in the future danger of what could happen that you’re trapped in this paralyzed helplessness that you say to the world, “Oh, it’s just really hard.”

No, love. You just are afraid of something that doesn’t exist yet. And honestly, it’s usually one decision. It’s one thing. That’s the conversations that I have with people. I think a lot of times people think coaching calls need to be an hour long, and you know, that’s how we book them because you wanna feel like you’re getting your substantive time. But I can tell you sometimes we’re done like 15 minutes in, we just had to find the one decision you haven’t made yet.

Make that decision, go all in. And then you know what will happen. There’ll be more decisions that get made, but guess what? We can work on those. You can work on those. But don’t let one decision stop you from living the life of your dreams, from building the business of your dreams, from having the relationships of your dreams. Don’t do that.

What you do in the world, and who you are in the world is way too important to leave it behind a decision that really could have been made maybe with a just a little bit of help. So I want you to give some thought to this today. “What is the one decision that I could make today, and go all in on it that will trigger the action, that’s gonna release the dam, and it’s gonna allow so much more movement in my life and my business?”

Give yourself that gift. And if you’d like to join me, go to thevisionary.ceo/crisis. I wanna make sure you hear there’s no .com in there, thevisionary.ceo/crisis, and let’s do this Leader in Crisis course together. I’d love to see you there.

Thanks for tuning in today. In other news, are you on my private subscriber list? If not, why not? Our private subscribers get to find out about things that nobody else gets to know about, and you certainly will get to find out about what we’re up to right now with some big changes coming, you’ll be invited to a preview experience, but only if you’re on the private subscriber list.

How do you get on the private subscriber list? You’re dying to know. Go to KrisPlachy.Com and scroll down just a little bit. You’ll see a little green button that says, Join the List. Go put your name right there, and we will make sure that you get the updates that you have now earned because you are a private subscriber.

We’ll see you there.

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