When women have their own money (and lots of it), they have a voice and a choice. Through financial security, women are no longer indebted to anyone and can change the world. Their superpowers are set free by not being beholden to anything. It’s time for women to claim more of a place in this…

EP #13

Season 2 Episode 13: Financial Security for Women with Fabienne Fredrickson

When women have their own money (and lots of it), they have a voice and a choice. Through financial security, women are no longer indebted to anyone and can change the world. Their superpowers are set free by not being beholden to anything. It’s time for women to claim more of a place in this world.

For this episode, I’m beyond thrilled to have Fabienne Fredrickson with me to discuss all this, along with some of the how behind making it happen.  As a celebrated business coach for over 21 years, Fabienne has been helping thousands of female entrepreneurs scale their businesses to 10K a month and beyond. Through her signature program, The Leveraged Business, Fabienne and her team help take the overwhelmed woman from being controlled by her business to controlling her business. A woman in the place of financial freedom and security can open and follow the path of getting everything else back as well: her life, her body, and her sanity!

When more women feel unapologetically safe and powerful, there’s nothing they can’t do. – Fabienne Fredrickson

What You’ll Learn

  • Why it’s crucial for women to make their own money
    • Controlled or in control
    • Stepping into your rightful place
    • Why you absolutely must work less for business growth
  • The biggest mindset shift
    • Rejecting societal constructs
    • Femininity with power
    • Feminine energy versus masculine energy
  • Crucible moments
    • Getting out from under the thumb
    • The only choice
  • Universal spiritual laws around making money
    • As above, so below; as inside, so outside
    • Work through your incongruence
  • Entrepreneurship thrives on feminine energy
    • Planning your energy
    • Worthiness
    • Being unapologetic

Meet Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne Fredrickson is a powerful mentor for solo business owners who seek to make the greatest impact they can in their work, all while creating certainty in their business and financial security in their lives. She believes that when women make their own money (and lots of it), they experience a profound feeling of safety in their life.

As the founder of TheLeveragedBusiness.com and Boldheart.com, Fabienne has been a mentor to tens of thousands of women business owners over more than 20 years. Her predictable process, taught in The Leveraged Business program, practically guarantees that a business owner will multiply their results with more downtime, once implemented fully. Her company has repeatedly been recognized by the media, and Inc. Magazine has named it one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for three consecutive years.

She is the celebrated author of The Leveraged Business: How You Can Go From Overwhelmed at Six Figures to Seven Figures (and Get Your Life Back) and Embrace Your Magnificence: Get Out of Your Own Way, and Live a Richer, Fuller, More Abundant Life.

Her Tedx Talk on Activating Your Potential for Greatness has gone viral. Fabienne is an inspiring speaker – sometimes even speaking to audiences as large as 7,000 attendees – and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., FastCompany, Amex Forum, and the New York Times.

In addition to teaching women (and heart-centered men) how to get out of overwhelm, and reach a million or more in their business with their life back, Fabienne sprinkles self worth and mindset principles onto all of her teachings. In everything she does, she teaches you to fight self-doubt, become infinitely more confident, believe in yourself, value your unique brilliance, and then get out of your comfort zone so you can create a magnificent life you love.

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Book Recommendation from Kris: True North by Bill George


Connect with Kris Plachy

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Kris Plachy: When more women feel unapologetically safe and powerful, there’s nothing they can’t do. Hello, I am so excited to introduce Fabienne Fredrickson to the podcast here on Leadership is Feminine today. I have been following Fabienne for years, honestly, she has sort of been in my world popping up here and there and but only recently, did she really come into my space in a way that made perfect sense for the two of us to meet. And I have to be honest with you, we were immediately really excited about knowing one another. Fabienne and I are, as evidenced by this conversation that I’m sharing with you; share a lot of the same values and a lot of the same hopes and goals for women across the planet.

She sits in Paris; I sit over here in California. And she has built a gorgeous business supporting female entrepreneurs, really at different levels as they are scaling their businesses from getting started all the way up into that seven to eight figures. So it brings me great, great pleasure to invite you to spend this time with us together here sharing ideas, and really letting her wisdom sort of pour all over you. She has a lot of beautiful insight to share, proven insight to share, and she pulls all of that together in her gorgeous new book, The leveraged Business, which you will learn all about and learn how to find either in the show notes, or by listening to the podcast. So thank you for tuning in today and here is Fabienne.

Oh, I’m so excited to have you here. Fabienne, thank you so much for joining me this morning, or I guess it is morning for you. I don’t even know.

Fabienne Fredrickson: No, it’s almost the evening for me in Paris.

Kris Plachy: I’m going to get there soon, someday. I’m thrilled to have you on the show. So thank you. Thank you for spending some time with us today. So before we kind of dive into some juicy questions, why don’t we take a minute and just have in your own words, tell us who you are, what you do, and what you most would want my listeners to know about you?

Fabienne Fredrickson: I am a business coach; if you want to call me that. I’ve been helping tens of thousands of women for 21 years, get to 10k a month consistently in their own business, and then multiply that to multiple six and eventually seven figures. I believe that women should make their own money and lots of it. Because when they have financial security, they have a voice and choice, and they are no longer indebted to anybody or beholden to anything. And when more women feel unapologetically safe and powerful, there’s nothing they can’t do.

Kris Plachy: That’s so well said and I think for my listeners it will be like, ‘Oh, that’s why she’s on the show.’ That’s right in line with so much of what I try and encourage women to remember. I know my coach said to me, not very long ago, she said, ‘Well resourced women change the world.’

Fabienne Fredrickson: Oh, yes. I love that word.

Kris Plachy: I do too. And I love voice and choice because of course, that’s just superpower, behaviour and options for us. And as you and I were talking sort of pre show, it’s time for the women to sort of claim a little more space and…

Fabienne Fredrickson: A lot more space.

Kris Plachy: Why am I trying to be delicate?

Fabienne Fredrickson: I think that men have had a great chance and we’d love them.

Kris Plachy: For thousands of years.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Let’s just have a seat. Eat some popcorn and let us take over for a few minutes.

Kris Plachy: Yeah, it’s good. Okay. You’re based in Paris, yeah?

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah, we decided my husband, my children and I because we have leveraged our business completely, we decided where do we want to live in the world? And we came here for one year, and we’re now on year six.

Kris Plachy: Wow. That’s amazing. And where were you from originally?

Fabienne Fredrickson: Connecticut, New York.

Kris Plachy: All right. Well, that’s another part of part of the world that I love.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I’m actually heading myself to the Berkshires here in a couple of weeks to spend a nice long week with some other women to do like a big co creator kind of time where we’re just going to all share space and like convene in the morning and talk about what we want to do, what we’re creating and then we’re going to all go to our respective corners of this beautiful house that we’re staying in and work and then we’re going to come back in the evening and shares last wine maybe, and we’ve hired a chef to cook for us. So we don’t have to think about that, and we’re going to do it for a week and I can’t wait.

Kris Plachy: Okay,so let’s talk about first of all, so everyone has some context to start listening to what is your work in the role? What do you offer? How do you support women? What is it that you do?

Fabienne Fredrickson: I’m known for two things. My original thing that I became known for 21 years ago was having created the client attraction system, and that is sales and marketing. How do you feel your practice, and that was running for many, many years, just to get women to 10k a month. So we have something at ballparks.com. If it interests anybody, that gets you to 10k a month, our signature program is called the leveraged business. The leveraged business program or the leverage track is where we take an overwhelmed woman in business. She is working evenings and weekends, her business controls her, rather than the opposite. She hasn’t taken an unplugged vacation in probably forever. She pays herself less than she would ever agree to for all the hours she works, and she’s- how do you call that she’s a bottleneck. She can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. She’s got her hand and everything she can’t get out. And what we do is we take her through our eight, activator process. It’s the same process that I turned around and 13 years ago, I found myself at seven figures and people kept asking, how do you do it with 14 weeks of vacation a year and I reverse engineered what I did. Those are the eight activators. And this is what we do: we take the six figure woman and in the program, get her eventually to seven figures. without sacrificing her life where she gets her relationship back. She gets her body back, she gets her sanity back. So that’s that. It’s all outlined in the book, The Leveraged Business.

Kris Plachy: Yeah, so let’s talk about the book. That’s really, really important and I think a wonderful way for people to get familiar with what you do. And also, I’m so thrilled to be talking with you, because I think we share a lot of similar sort of core philosophy about why you and I both are working with women specifically. So let’s talk about the book and what your hope is, for women who grab a copy and invest some time in it. What are your goals for them?

Fabienne Fredrickson: So in the preface of the book, I talk about the fact that I believe that women should make their own money and lots of it. And it’s great that you have your own business. But what I’ve noticed is when you are controlled by your business, you’re not really making your own money, you have just a job that’s more of a pain than it ever was when you worked in your business.

Kris Plachy: Yeah and difficult boss.

Fabienne Fredrickson: She’s cute, but not so nice.

Kris Plachy: Very demanding.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah, so I wrote the book, because there are so many women who would come up to the mic at my three day events, and say, like, I can’t grow this business. In fact, “Fabienne, I’m thinking I should go work for somebody else, I want to throw in the towel. These people I hire, they didn’t get it to me on time, it didn’t look like what I wanted it to. I have no systems. I’m in everything. I can’t physically do this. I think I should just throw in the towel.” And I’m just like, “Hold on a second. Hold on. You are not wired to run your business. You started it. But there’s this myth in society that says that you have what it takes to grow it.” No, you’re the visionary. You are not the person to create the systems, the processes, the accountability, you’re not even the person who should hire the team. Yeah, then that’s when she grows when she steps into her rightful place in the business, which is the one who is the leader not the one who is the doer.

Kris Plachy: So well said even though she got to where she is by being the doer, right?

Fabienne Fredrickson: This is actually the premise of the book. What got you to six figures will never get you to seven figures. You actually have to work less. It’s easier to make seven figures than it is to make 100,000.

Kris Plachy: I wish everybody would just sit for a second with that wisdom;


And even though I know if you’re listening to this, and you’re making $322,000, and you’re exhausted, and you don’t believe that, there couldn’t be anything more true, because as soon as you realize you can’t exponentially grow through your own efforts, it’s the only way and you all know I talk about magic a lot. I believe, when you can take an idea in your mind, and translate that into the work and the production of others to deliver on a result, I really do believe that’s magic. I think it’s like, insanely amazing, but there are systems that support that. So it’s not like just abracadabra, magic, it’s belief ahead of time that what you want to put in the world, first of all, is worthy of that effort, and then also that you don’t have to be the one who touches every stone, every marble, every detail. So I love that you really sat there for a second, because it is absolutely been true for me. There are different challenges at seven figures than there were at 100 for sure.

Fabienne Fredrickson: It is not a walk in the park.

Kris Plachy: We have our breakdowns, why it’s still there’s something about when you finally lean into systems and processes and practices and methods instead of your own horse.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I’ll tell you what’s possible when you have the team, the systems, the leveraged business model, the accountability, the second in command, you can work two to three hours a day, you can take those 14 weeks of vacation a year, you can show up with your team. I did that today. I showed up half an hour meeting with the team. I gave big picture directive, I gave prioritization for this quarter, I had top line who’s going to take care of it, how all of that, and then I moved along, and I make it up. They make it real. Their team makes it recur.

Kris Plachy: That’s cool.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yes, that’s how we do it.

Kris Plachy: Yeah what do you think for you specifically, and I’m sure you could speak for all the women you’ve coached as well. But what is the biggest mindset shift that has to happen? So there are the tactical pieces, that we have to learn and understand and put into place, and that’s what everybody thinks they need, and that’s what everybody wants, which of course, we do need; but we can’t make those work if we aren’t willing to change the way that we think about things. So what do you think that is? What do you think is the biggest mindset shift?

Fabienne Fredrickson: I have very strong feelings about this. I mentioned earlier that I’ve worked with thousands and thousands of women, and what I have noticed is that there is a general and global feeling of inadequacy within women, okay. And I don’t want to be saying this, but this is what I’ve noticed, we are bred as women to be not powerful. Do not believe that we can sit at the big people table, that we aren’t worthy of having our own business and make a shitload of money. And many of us are afraid to do so because we’ll emasculate our husbands or there’s this societal thing around you need to be the one at the bus stop baking cookies for your kids, and all of that. What I have realized is the biggest belief that needs to be changed is who, me? Who, me? No, it’s for her, it’s for them. I’m not good enough. It is a fundamental belief that yes, I not only belong here, but I deserve to make my own money. I deserve to have a bigger voice. I deserve to have a choice and not be beholden to a toxic job, or a toxic relationship, or even a fabulous relationship. But because I don’t make the most money and in our culture, the person who makes the most money makes the last decision, I get to be that powerful and feminine. I don’t have to be a man.

Kris Plachy: Could just stop right there? Yes, it’s all of this. Yes, all of it, all of it. I don’t have anything to add other than yes, and worthiness. And I think what I would say to complement what you said at the beginning of your intro, which is that there’s this assumption that because you started the business that you should be the one who does all the pieces and parts. That you really have to step into that leader visionary role, right? But I think where I need a lot of women is in this nexus of shame.


That somehow they should know how but they don’t. But as a woman should I know how to manage people? Should I know how to do this right? Shouldn’t I just be good at it? So there’s that, and then coupled by the level of sort of bigness that you’re invited to step into, when you’re a woman who runs a successful business, when you start making your own money, and women feel shame around their own success.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Well, I think there’s a third thing, because those are absolutely true, and the third thing is putting the needs of others before our own. We’ve been again socialize that way, that we are not nice. We are B-I-T-C-H, if we say no to people, but you know this in business, you have to prioritize you have to say no, to bright, shiny objects, and people who want to hijack our team and who are time and people who want us to work on their things, when it’s actually not useful for us. The setting of the boundaries, and I know you teach this too. The setting of the boundaries, the ability to say no, the ability to focus and prioritize on what is really going to exponentially grow my business, what’s going to exponentially grow my downtime, my personal revenues, my satisfaction, and dare I say it pleasure. I know that’s a word that triggers people in our culture. But when we can say no, we can be that highly successful person who is feminine, who has downtime, who has joy.

Kris Plachy: Who lives a beautiful life as her as she, as she’s so gorgeous. I agree all of it. I think that I’m just pleased to know that you’re there in the world, and that there’s others of us who are all rallying through this same movement. And I know that we’re going to continue to gather more- what’s that expression? Snowball? We’ll just go with that.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I’m all in motion stays in motion physics.

Kris Plachy: But we still run into, it’s interesting, just this last couple weeks ago, I guess I sent out a article to my list, and the subject line was, I need to ask my husband. And I’ve been really, really surprised by how many women who run their own businesses need to consult with their husband, if they want to join my house CEO program, as an example $5,000. They need to talk to their husband, if they can spend the money. And I’m always intrigued, and this is the point of my email was twofold. First of all, it’s time for us to really step into some ownership here, and there are a lot of women who use that still, as a way to defer a difficult decision and make someone else sort of heavy, even though they really do have the ability to make that. And my premise of my email was that that, to me, does not honor the women who are still in incredibly toxic and possessive and controlling relationships, who genuinely don’t have that kind of authority over their decisions. And so for those of us who do, I think the more we can step into that and take responsibility for our decisions, the more we can create space for other women to do the same. So I agree, I think that with this growth and with our awareness as women, as we realize more income, there’s more women ever that are entrepreneurs, there are more women ever that are making their own money. I think that we have a collective element of responsibility to also continue to model that and show people that we can do it and we can be brave, and we can stand in our own decision making take the risks, and take responsibility for those risks instead of deferring that part of the equation to someone else.

Fabienne Fredrickson: So I know that you’d like to talk about feminine versus masculine energy, and in the work that I’ve — and when really diving deep of how do I best serve the female market of entrepreneurship, I looked at what is masculine energy? It’s the energy of doing and it’s the energy of competition, and it’s a solo energy. You flip it to the feminine and there’s more, right? But if you flip it to the feminine, there is this energy of being but also this energy of collaboration, and nurturing. And one of the things that we say in our program, is that we abide by the energy of a rising tide where it lifts all ships. I do well, I’m not going to rub it in your face. More importantly, I’m going to say,


“Look Kris, this worked for me and this loving extreme generosity, that it is really within our obligation, whether you want to call it divine or moral, to bring our sisters up with us because this is what we do.” We gather, we love, we nurture, we share, and I do think it’s an obligation. I really love what you said amen to that.

Kris Plachy: Amen. Love it. I’m a fan of a book that I read years ago by Bill George, it’s called True North. He talks about how all great leaders have crucible moments that sort of crystallized for them, why they do what they do. And so I could say that my crucible moment was having a mom who, when I was seven was divorced unexpectedly and really left, we’ll just use that word it was pretty dramatic. And this is in the 70s, and she had no money and she couldn’t get a credit card because she needed a man to cosign it. She hadn’t been working. And so the crucible moment for me in my life was watching a woman have to be strong without a lot of support, and also whether or not you choose to stay as a victim, or choose to be the owner in your life. And I chose owner until I feel very passionate about that. I’m kind of curious, especially for women, that’s why I am so driven all the time. That’s all I think about aside from my family and my dog. So I’m curious what if you have one, if you have a crucible moment?

Fabienne Fredrickson: I have, I have one. I have been in two abusive relationships, and the first one was in high school. So that’s not the one that has anything to do with what I’m about to share, but the one where I was in my early 20s, I made no money, and he paid for everything, and he made all the decisions, and then he abused me mentally, emotionally, and physically. And people would say, ‘Why are you with that jerk?’ And my default was, ‘Oh, you don’t know what it’s like, when it’s just the two of us.’ But really, behind that is, where am I going to go? No, it’s not like what many other women are experiencing; it would be I could have walked away. But really, I just didn’t have the kind of money to live in Manhattan, I didn’t have a job that paid me more than 20,000 a year. And I got really clear. But I see all these women again and again, because when you work with women, intimacy is part of your culture. They’ll tell you things, they don’t tell anybody else, and when they come up to the mic, or the Q&A, or privately in the room, and they tell you that they need to make more money in their business, and it’s just not a vanity thing. It’s about the kids. Wow. Wow. Wow. And I think I needed to experience that myself. I’ve been saying for a long time, and it sounds really rude, and I don’t mean it that way. But I don’t need Derek Fredrickson.

Kris Plachy: Yeah, you’re fine. Just have the love of Derek Frederick’s.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I wake up every day and I choose him and tomorrow’s our 20 year anniversary, and we’re just getting started. But in another situation if it wasn’t great. I could go. I just think we are so often as a culture of women under the thumb. Under the thumb of we have not been able to make our own money until really the last would you say 50 years? 100 years?

Kris Plachy: Well, with my mom that was making 77, and she couldn’t get a credit card. She couldn’t have gotten a mortgage. She barely could get a perfect turret.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And so we have this incredible ability to have access to all these people around the world, especially if we have an online business. We have education, we can open up our own bank accounts. We are the role models for the little people who look up to us, our children, and really, there’s only one choice. I tell my kids even my boys, I have three kids. You need to make your own money and lots of it.

Kris Plachy: Yeah, that’s so funny. I think I do the same thing of like, what’s the 100k option? And then we’re just going to go from there, right? Like, I’m with you. I have an older son and he does music and I’m like,


“ Maybe we should just get you a little place to rent, you could just start doing music like why do you got to work for people?”

Fabienne Fredrickson: That’s very funny. My older son makes music too, making hundreds of dollars or Euros a month it’s a thing.

Kris Plachy: Yeah, exactly. It’s a thing Rama. Yeah, he’s 21. So I’m assuming they’re pretty close to me. So, yeah, I think it’s a wonderful time, I think, we say, if you have a laptop and access to the internet, you really can make this work for yourself. But I’m very deeply touched by your story and appreciate you sharing that. I think there are a lot of women who obviously will resonate with that. And I also think it’s important that women know there’s a place to go, and that’s what I love about the work you do and the work I do is, it’s their safe spaces that you can come to work through, not just how do I hire this person? Or how do I make money online and figure out how to market my business. But also, how do I do this when I’m drowning and overwhelmed with my family and my relationship and my other obligations, and yet, I still want to make this work, too.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And that goes to the same masculine feminine energy. The masculine energy is very linear often, and we have more of a circular energy, and there are no compartments. It’s like, if the business or the finances or the team is not working well, then it bleeds right into our life, and the life isn’t working well bleeds right into our business. And we need safe places to have what I call level three conversations where you can share the high highs of business, but also personal and the low lows of business personal, and just knowing that nobody’s trying to fix you. Nobody’s trying to shame you. Nobody is trying to make you feel bad. It’s okay, we’ve all been there, and you too, can get out of this.

Kris Plachy: Yeah, and then maybe we’ll giggle a little.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And drink some wine.

Kris Plachy: Like a little giggle. Yeah. Okay, let me just ask you a couple of your questions that I wanted to ask you because I want to know your answers. So I know we’re going little long listeners but…

Fabienne Fredrickson: I’m okay with that so long as am on feet.

Kris Plachy: You’re fine. Whatever you do, I just like this one. I’m going to start here. What are the universal spiritual laws to making good money? How do we use these in uncertain times? So money is obviously right, like thoughts about money, relationship with money, all of the things about money that just show up in your business, people could pretend that they don’t, but they do. So I would certainly love to know your perspective and what your wisdom is there?

Fabienne Fredrickson: There is a universal law that states that as above, so below, as below so above. You just said it, which is your mindset is 95% the source of your business success, your life success, your everything success. It had been teaching us, the thousands of women is that they’re trying to use their willpower to make something happen. The Willpower is lives in the conscious realm. The conscious realm is masculine realm. If you understand that if you’re just trying to be a human doing, you are missing out on 50% of your incredible attractive attraction abilities by going into the subconscious. The subconscious is the female realm. It is the inside it is the thing that is dark, not dark and energy but dark and light it is you have to go look for it. Anything that is not working on the outside is because there’s a misalignment on the inside. Now, here’s what I mean; you can say I want to make a million dollars in my business, but if yourself image says not me, if yourself image says or if your beliefs say rich and successful people are sleazy and authentic thieves, your subconscious will never let you be rich and successful. If you have incongruent with; I don’t believe I can be that, that means your conscious and your subconscious are two ships overnight. And the thing that I really want our listeners to get is 95% of your actions come from your subconscious. The willpower will last three months. We’ve all dieted. The willpower will last three months, three weeks, three days, maybe three hours. We’ve got to go in the inside. So as inside as outside as below as above;


That’s one critical thing. There’s so many mindset, universal principles that we take a whole day and I’m happy to share as many as we have time for.

Kris Plachy: I agree with you and we see it over and over again in so many areas of life. I would be curious what, cause I can almost feel people listening saying yes, I understand. What is one thing you think someone just walked in right now through Manhattan with their ear buds on, I always say these kids teased me ear buds. They weren’t ear buds when we were headphones, and we used to videotape things. So just leave me alone. I’m 52.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I’ll give you a practical way to do this. Okay, practical. But I want you to just like get in your heart of hearts, and close your eyes if you have to now or later, and just say what do I really want? What do I really want from my business? Let’s just focus on the business. What’s the amount of money, the number of clients, the downtime, the Rockstar team that I want? Like, what do I really want? Write at the top of the page, then get really real with yourself and go, ‘What do I really believe about that? I don’t deserve it. I can’t find anybody. They only want me if I bring on other bla bla, meaning they won’t pay for that people will leave me off to pay too many taxes. Usually like the list of like 20 things around why there’s an incongruence with that big thing that you have to do. Kris it’s really simple. You take that list; this is what I did to get to a million, including all the stuff that’s in the leveraged business book, right? Mindset wise, you go and see a practitioner, whether it’s NLP EFT, RT team, Body Code. I just heard a new one; Internal family systems constellations. Yeah, this is all you just go see your favorite type of practitioner, and you just say you just hand them the list and help me go down the list. Help me deal with they won’t pay for that, help me deal with who am I isn’t good enough, helped me deal with the issue of taxes, helped me deal with this, I can’t leverage my business.

We don’t do this in my industry. And when you knock off the list, every single belief that is incongruent with your big goal, when you begin to change yourself image, and in the theater of your mind, you can actually see yourself living that dream. As if it’s real, and you feel it with every cell of your body to the point where you might even have tears running down your face, because you can feel it. That’s when you will have it. And until then it will seem out of your reach, and you’ll say why is them not me? What’s wrong with me? It’ll feel like a wish. That to me is the energy of a wish. Oh, that would be nice.

Kris Plachy: Yeah, oh my Gosh, I want to like say amen and preach all at the same time quite inspiring. I’m sure everybody listening is maybe I took us to church.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Thank you for the complement.

Kris Plachy: But I felt it, I still get what’s on my legs, because I’m a big believer in the power of our mind, and that it is our most powerful performance tool, right? Like the one thing and it’s the least utilized. I say to my clients a lot and I get a little flack for this, but I think we over focus on tactics, and under focus on really, really the work that you’ve just talked about, because that truly we all really have the wisdom we need to really create the lives that we want. We’re just buried in this bunch of bs that we’ve been programmed with.

Fabienne Fredrickson: It’s because the masculine has been rewarded for 5000 years or more. And the masculine is about doing but you the being piece, the self image, the beliefs, those will attract, you still need to take action, but those who do know attract what you want. So it’s been ridiculed. It’s fluffy. It’s, oh, you’re not working…

Kris Plachy: When I worked in corporate and I moved out of ops and I got my creative coaching team and I got put in the L&D department;


I’m a little more results oriented; we need to work on the soft skills for leadership. But of course, I’m like, listen to me; these are the hardest skills to teach and to learn. I do not understand why they’re called soft skills. These are required skills. The hard skills are if people think we can all figure that out the soft skills, if you can’t figure that out, do not manage people stay away them.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And they run, they got programmed before the age of seven. So you’re going to have to go find them.

Kris Plachy: Yes. Well, that’s what’s nice about having your own business as they come to you instead.

Fabienne Fredrickson: One of the biggest spiritual development tools is having your own.

Kris Plachy: That’s a good point, right? It’s like parenting. Oh, the class I never needed. Thank you very much. Okay, one last question that I know, we’ll let you go. You’ve been so generous with your time, I am kind of curious; you’ve talked about really maximizing your potential as a business owner, really maximizing your growth, and also then giving yourself time back, I love that you say that you take 14 weeks of your time. One of the things that I have a client girlfriend, actually, who recently said, texted me and said, ‘I just don’t even feel like working, I just want to stay in bed and watch Netflix today.’ And I simply said, ‘You are the biggest business asset, you are the biggest asset to this business, and you resting is actually you developing or supporting and feeding the success of the business. So take your rest, it’s good for the company. It’s not stealing from the company,’ which I think a lot of people, think. So I’m curious, from a philosophy and really, maybe if you have one sort of practical like, this is something to be thinking about, so that we can develop that life. That is part of why we were so attracted to being entrepreneurs in the first place.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Absolutely. There are two reasons why women especially open up their own business. One is freedom, two is impact. It’s not even about the money for most people I’ve met. So the freedom is the first thing that goes when we get to six figures and even before then. So one of the things that I’m fond of saying is you can exponentially grow your business in between client appointments. It doesn’t work.

Kris Plachy: I remember that I wrote that as a year, I coach 30 people or so at a week.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You can’t you’re running on adrenaline, this is being part of it, which is again, that feminine energy that keeps showing up on this episode is the idea that, well, I’m a spiritual person. So I’ll bring that but even if you’re listening and you’re not spiritual, just look at it as like downtime, right? But the idea for me is to connect with that higher source energy and just calm everything not think about what Asana, slack, everything’s that’s been asked of you is to have time to think and feel and re fill the oil lamp. In my country house, when I was growing up, we had this oil lamp, and when there was no oil, there was no light. And if you look at all the women who are walking around like zombies on this planet, absolutely depleted, it’s because they haven’t put themselves first.

So practical thing is to build that time in because we live in a society that rewards the masculine of doing and being busy, people who see us taking a nap think we’re being lazy, we’re not being lazy we are working at attracting. The way that I do that is to because I used to steal it and then feel guilty for it, and then all of that. So now I just build it in first part of the day, is feminine energy time, and that looks different for many people. So that looks like reading, journaling, doing what I call easing into the day as opposed to seizing the day. Talking to a friend who brings out good ideas, meditation, journaling, all that and then you go into your masculine doing energy, let’s say from 9 to 12. Okay, 9 to 12:30 client but ideally, you’re working on your business before you work on client work. You save all the client work for the afternoon. That’s the concept that can work for some people and not others. And then midday, you unapologetically take an hour of feminine time. Whatever that is to you go take a nap you play with the cat.


In fact, I had planned Tracy, who we took to a million very quickly, and her assignment was to get down on the floor and play with the dogs for two hours every morning, because she’s an animal fanatic, and she gets so much energy from that. But then she goes and she makes magic happen. And then after lunch, you get into your masculine energy. Go, go, go make things happen, hustle, hustle, strategize, team, there’s that, and then you unplug all completely. And you do not go back to your laptop, your computer after dinner, and wait till the next morning. No small children won’t bleed, it can wait.

Kris Plachy: I had somebody, who worked in health care of like, well, no babies are dying.

Fabienne Fredrickson: If you’re not on your email.

Kris Plachy: But yeah, absolutely. I love it. And what I love about we just did a class in the lab yesterday, and I called it, it was based on thinking exhaustion, right? It was just, especially with a pandemic, there are just so many other things now that we have to think about make decisions and we talked about the importance of a routine a committed routine, so that all those decisions are made ahead of time. So just like you said, whatever that structure is, I have a similar structure, although I’m done after one o’clock, like, I can actually get a really like a rally at 4 till about 5:30. But like 1 to 3:30 man, I’m like Zombo. So but we have to know that, we have to know our own energy and then plan our day and I have a team member who’s amazing about guarding my time that way. So but that all comes back to what you so eloquently said, which is worthiness and believing that you are worth that. Whatever that is that window of time where you go for walk at one in the afternoon or you watch your favorite… Did you know there’s still so puppets, maybe you watch the days of our lives? I don’t know. Like, it doesn’t matter because it’s one of us are working from home and like I don’t do laundry, I don’t do dishes. I don’t do anything during the day. And then when I finish, I walk across my house, and I take my work clothes off, and I put on my fuzzy crocs on and my sweat shirt, and I just go onto my big white chair and that’s how I roll also. I want to say one more thing because I love that you take the 14 weeks I’m a huge proponent of that as well. And just like the book Profit First, Michael McCalla wits he talks about paying yourself first. The same thing is true. Like when you build your annual calendar, what goes on there first is the time you won’t be working? Then we construct, how are we going to have the 10k, 200k months, whatever it is, and that’s how it gets done. Versus all of it gets built and then you try and squeeze it in.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I could talk to you about this for another two hours. Get your needs met first Mama is what I say to my ladies. If you only you know this, the Dr. Phil used to say if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy fill your cup first and they overflow it, all that stuff and beyond apologetic. I really love that you picked up on the self worth of all the things we talked about. Because the funny thing is almost every Q&A I get, I get asked a question about whatever it could be anything and I my kids know this too. But well, this is an issue of self worth; whether it’s raising rates, paying up for the better employee…

Kris Plachy: Signing up for a program.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah, it’s like this is an issue of self worth. It always comes down to self worth.

Kris Plachy: Yeah, always. I love it. I’m so happy I know you. I’m so glad I listened to that. Whatever it was, that was pretty rare when someone reached out and said, because like I said, we only usually have finance on this podcast, and I was like, yes, Fabienne. I’ve known her. She’s been on my window of my space since probably 2013. I’m so happy that I know you.

Fabienne Fredrickson: The first things I said was oh my Gosh, I really liked you. I think we’re going to get our house on fire.

Kris Plachy: Stay tuned  for Kris and Fabienne, and they’re going to do a retreat. We don’t put what’s happening, or we’re just going to go away together. I’m going to join her on whatever weeks away.


I just get goose bumps all over my body. I mean I treat women I love them. So, okay my dear. Well, thank you so much for the time and energy brought to this conversation and exchange today. It was brilliant and generous, and I’m very, very happy to spend this time with you.

Fabienne Fredrickson: It’s so lovely. Thank you for having me on.

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