You, as an entrepreneur, have to be an optimist, right? You take risks and believe that something will work out and you cultivate that vision to get your team through the frustration and on to the next thing. Being a leader (as you are), you set the tone for your team. So, why not set an optimistic…

EP #4

Season 2 Episode 4: Entrepreneurial Optimism

You, as an entrepreneur, have to be an optimist, right? You take risks and believe that something will work out and you cultivate that vision to get your team through the frustration and on to the next thing. Being a leader (as you are), you set the tone for your team. So, why not set an optimistic one? 

What you’ll find in this episode:

  1. There is a lot we need to appreciate and not take for granted.
  2. Entrepreneurs are resilient and optimistic. 
  3. Optimistic leaders hire optimistic employees. 
  4. Why believe in something awful when you can believe in something cool? 

Featured on the Show and Other Notes:

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Entrepreneurial optimism is a super power and can also be a little bit of a poison. Let’s talk about it
today! Hey, everyone. Welcome to the podcast! This is Kris Plachy. Thank you for joining me here on
Leadership is Feminine and this whole season we’re talking a little bit about magic. And how magic
realizes itself in your business uniquely, I think; as an entrepreneur and as a woman. I believe a lot in
magic; I think that we take a lot for granted. We dismiss things that happen. We over emphasize:
exertion, struggle, hustle. And we under value and under appreciate and under notice things that
happen that really don’t make a lot of sense. And like I say all the time… do you ever just stop and think?
Like look at you. Here you are. This woman, who had an idea in her head… and because of the world
that we live in today you were able to translate that idea into a material thing (service) and make
money. And, by extension, then hire other people and pay them money. So, now they make money. I
think that’s magic. And I think when you only talk about effort. Only make it an individual exercise,
right? It’s just you doing it all. You dismiss this whole unseen opportunity to tap into things that I just
don’t think we talk about enough. So, I want to talk about optimism today because I think it’s a super
power. As entrepreneurs… I don’t even know if you see it, but I want to point it out to you (haha)
because I think it’s very real. I think you have to be an optimist to become an entrepreneur, right? Like I
do think, obviously, we talk about it as like risk-taking (obviously). That risk-taking and optimism have to
go together, right? If you are willing to take the risk that means that you believe something will work
out. You’re an optimist! You have this perspective that it’s gonna be ok. It’s gonna be better than ok.
You see the bright side. You see that. And I was talking to my oldest son… this was a little while ago and
you know? For the kids, who are alive today… what a couple years. I mean those of us who are older…
certainly the pandemic has been incredibly hard for all of us in our own unique ways, which, actually, for
me, will end up making some changes to my business as we go forward, but for our younger people in
our society… I have a 21-year-old son and I have 17-year-old twins. And I’m sure all of you can relate to
this, right? Kids are really really working to find their footing in different ways. Some kids are totally
unaffected, but I do think that most kids in many ways are. And we were having a conversation and my
son actually said to me, “Is the world ending, mom?” (haha) and of course I don’t know, but I’m like,”
No. It’s not ending.” He’s like,” Yea, but this is out of control like…” And I said,” you know? There have
been these moments in my life time and other people’s lifetimes when we thought it was the end.” And
I remember when I was a teenager and the AIDS epidemic hit and it was terrifying. We were… right?
Before we knew what it was, we were terrified. And we’re still, you know? It’s still something to be
incredibly cautious of, but look at our relationship now; just even globally with this HIV. And then there’s
been natural disasters, right? You know? Or… I wouldn’t even call them natural. Like the Exxon Valdez
and these massive oil spills where we just think the Gulf of Mexico is going to be destroyed forever. So,
there’s a resilience to humanity and to this planet that I believe in. And so, I hold that for my kids like
listen I know this is terrible and I wouldn’t choose this either, but we’re human and we have a level of
resilience. And I do believe in a bright future. I do believe there is so much to be happy about, excited
about, to lean into… And so, he actually said to me,” How are you always so optimistic?” And so, I’ve
been thinking a lot about it since he said that to me because I am. I guess, you know? Knowing the
thought model like I do… When I first started learning that really understanding how what you think
about really influences so much of what happens in your life. I realize that you can either keep thinking
things that make you feel terrible on purpose or could decide to believe in a different future. Like you
get to pick, right? You don’t know the future. Do I know the future? I don’t know the future. So, I would
rather believe in something really cool than something awful because it makes me feel better (haha).
And since I don’t know what the truth is, Imma pick that one. There’s no use in doomsday for your
business, for your life, for the planet. DO we pay attention to science? Of course, we do, but we still
have room in here. We have free will. We have opportunity, So, people, as an entrepreneur I already
know you do this. And what I want you to think about too is how this plays out even in your business,
right? I notice in myself, right? We might have really exceptional quarters and then we have quarters
that are a little rougher… But I ‘m back at it! I always believe there’s more cool stuff coming. There’s
more cool clients coming. There’s more amazing work to do. I have so many ideas. My ideas stimulate
the feeling of optimism. Now optimism can work against you, I suppose, because you might be too piein-the-sky. You might disconnect from what the potential is. You might… your optimism can become
overwhelming to your team, if it translates into copious amounts of work. So, we have to be aware of
our optimism. We have to have a note… our sort of… our trusted advisors that we consult with and we
chat with and connect with that help us think things through. Not just as dreams, but as plans. But I love
a good dream and I love believing in possibilities and options and new paths to follow. We’re never
really stuck. I know there are times when we believe that we really are and I know there are times when
we really really are experiencing our business and our life that way. And I believe as entrepreneurs you
have a heightened emotional awareness and so you feel things richly, deeply. But I really wanna invite
you to lean into your optimism especially if this is finding you at a time when you’re struggling with that.
When you’ve worked so hard over the past 2 years, and we don’t know what next year holds. So much
of that really will be up to us, I think. And so, don’t hide your dreams. Don’t hide your joy. Don’t hide
your belief in the potential of the future because you’re trepidatious. I think we just need to go all in.
Dream the dreams. Hold space for potential (for possibility). Model that ‘cause I already know that you
have it, or you wouldn’t have that beautiful business of yours. So, optimism is a brilliant skill and I want
to say one more thing about it. Optimistic leaders are wonderful leaders to work for. Optimistic leaders
are able to cultivate, recultivate; recreate vision. So, even when the team is feeling overwhelmed,
downtrodden, frustrated… You have an opportunity, as a leader, to bring that skill of yours in and show
people what is possible if we just hold the optimistic view. If we work through what the issues are, but
we do so with a refreshing perspective and not one that is heavy. As a leader you set that tone.
Pessimistic leaders hire pessimistic employees and then they don’t get the results they want; and then
they get frustrated because all their employees are so negative. But you gotta look at that. It’s a truth
telling, yeah? And I wanna reiterate if the last several years have been hard on you, it wouldn’t surprise
me if you are feeling pessimistic (haha) right now. But I’m willing to bet that is against the grain for you.
So, as you think about winding down 2021 and winding up 2022, how about we take the optimistic view
for yourself, for your business, for your team, and even for the planet? More of us doing that raises the
entire vibration of everything that we do. And we need that. All of us need that, ok? You’re amazing,
madam entrepreneur. And I want you to take that to heart and really sit with that today. You’re a
magician. You really can create what you want. So, if you abdicated some of that power and authority
over your life and your success, how ‘bout we take it back today? How ‘bout we write down the
thoughts that make us feel optimistic? How ’bout we identify the dreams that you have that trigger
optimism? And let’s go all in on those this time around. What do yah say? Thanks for tuning in!

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