Happy New Year! How are you?! I love the energy whenever the new year comes around! It’s a great time to pause and focus on your goals, intentions, whatever, right? So, I thought that, following the theme of CEO Magic, I would do a different kind of episode that would encourage you (as female entrepreneurs)…

EP #6

Season 2 Episode 6: Affirmations for Female Entrepreneurs

Happy New Year! How are you?! I love the energy whenever the new year comes around! It’s a great
time to pause and focus on your goals, intentions, whatever, right? So, I thought that, following the
theme of CEO Magic, I would do a different kind of episode that would encourage you (as female
entrepreneurs) to invest in yourselves and your wisdom. I saw that there were no affirmations for
female entrepreneurs so I thought I would create some for you. Take from these what resonates as you
launch into this new year.

What you’ll find in this episode:

1. Information about the upcoming cohort of How to CEO, the next Advanced Leadership Coach
certification class, and the Sage CEO program.

2. Affirmations that will empower you into the new year

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Hello there, beautifuls! How are you?! Happy New Year! You will be getting this just as we have crested
over the new year. So, welcome 22…22…22? (haha) That’s lots of 2s. Which means it’s a 6-year,
which is a good thing… Heart’s desire. Many of you know I have coach and she also is a numerology
expert and so we do lots of cool stuff with numbers, which I love love love. I love things that are
anchored in them. A little bit of science. So, welcome to the new year! How are you? Are you ready? Do
you do the new year thing? Maybe you don’t. I think I’ve mentioned to you before… I tend to do some
serious thinking when I have my birthday. My birthday’s December 3rd and so, that’s kind of my new
year, but I still love the energy of, yah know, the clock turning and the new year literally showing up on
everything. It’s kind of a trip, right? And so, I do think it’s a wonderful time to pause; and as I’ve gotten
older and older… I love to make a list of goals. I don’t… I think that’s fabulous. I think if you pick a word,
that’s fabulous. I think if you set an intention, that’s fabulous. I mentioned to you, a couple weeks ago, I
love the vision board, which I have been working on mine during my time off. Just enhancing it. I’m
gonna do something I’ve never done before. I’ve taken my whole whiteboard… and it’s covered in
imagery because I really do recognize now for myself that images are much more powerful to me than
lists, if you will, right? Like writing a goal (even though I still write the goals anyway). So, welcome and I
was thinking about what could we do, yah know, in this season called CEO Magic, that might be a little
different? And I was actually just listening to a book on my walk this morning and… it’s just an
affirmation book. And I thought,” That’s sort of interesting. Wouldn’t it be cool if there were
affirmations for female entrepreneurs?” (haha) And so I thought,” Why not? For New Year’s I’ll make
that for you and maybe for me.” So, that’s what I’m gonna do on this podcast. So, what I’m gonna do is
read you each affirmation about 5 times just so you have a chance to really hear it. And what I would
suggest you do is whatever the ones are that sort of drop in and hit you… So, for example, the book that
I was just listening to, the author I think read off like 20 and I wrote 5 down ‘cause they sort of really
dropped in for me… they were very powerful. So, I would imagine the same thing will be true for you’
that some will hit you and some won’t. I’m gonna put a little woo-music on too, just to make it a little
more extra. But before I do that, I have a couple quick announcements as we go into this January ‘cause
there’s a lot going on and I wanna make sure you don’t miss it if you have been thinking about it. So,
first and foremost, How to CEO (the next cohort) starts on January 25th. We will be opening registration
for that. So, if you need information about it… If you’re not on our mailing list, you can go to
krisplachy.com/howtoceo or you can just email us (hello@krisplachy.com) and we will get you that
information, but that is up incoming. And we will also be inviting folks on our mailing list to kind of a
preview course so you can sort of experience what it’s like to work with me in advance of the course…
advance of the program, I should say. The 2nd thing is if you are an LCS coach and you’re certified and
you’re active, we have open enrollment going right now for the next Advanced Leadership Coach
certification. Super fun, super powerful, incredibly focused training for certified life coaches through the
Life Coach School who want to learn and get tools for how to coach leaders using some of the LCS tools,
but also using all of the tools that I’ve created over the years. That also starts at the end of January. You
can go to iamaleadershipcoach.com to get on that mailing list. And then the last thing is I recently just
released an announcement about the Sage CEO, which is really my premier program. Much smaller, very
intimate, much more private 1-on-1 time with me and that information is very hard to access, honestly,
right now. I do have 1 link on the Instagram profile: krisplachycoach…@krisplachycoach. I f you’re
interested you can find some information there and let me know who you are and express interest and
then we take it from there. This is for women who have really already hit evolutionary… revolutionary
(haha) growth marks in their business and in their own personal growth and are really looking now to
take that vision and expand it in a whole new direction and maybe explore what else is possible for
them, ok? So, I’m really excited about that. It’s gonna involve quite few trips to Hawaii and other
opportunities to get together, which we’re working on right now. So, those are the ways we can connect
over the next few weeks, anyway, as we go into January. I know a lot of you are thinking about ways you
wanna expand and grow. I just joined a new program myself… for the year, which I’m really excited
about. And so, I think… I would encourage all of you… whether it’s How to CEO or whatever. Just… you
have to invest in yourself. So, wherever that place is in your mind, in your spirit, and in your business…
that you know you need growth. Like you keep bumping into it. Invest in it. It just pays of dividends.
Stop thinking about it. So, whatever it is. Maybe you need help with sales. Maybe you need help with
marketing. Maybe you need help with managing your team, right? That’s what we do. Stop thinking
about it. Just spend some money. It’s worth it (haha). Invest in yourself. Ok. So, without further ado I’m
gonna start these affirmations. Now, one of the things I would love to know is if you like this. Because
this is kind of weird. I’ve never done this before. So, for those of you who have been listening for many
many years, thank you. I’ll always l love your feedback. If you want, you can post a written review on
iTunes or you can email us. I certainly appreciate the written review though. We love our written
reviews. Ok. So, let’s get started! New Year’s affirmations for female entrepreneurs. I am becoming an
exceptional leader (x4). I trust my intuition and my wisdom (x4). I can emotionally handle any team
challenge (x4). I make courageous leadership decisions with ease (x4). It’s ok if other people don’t agree
(x4). I always know what to do (x4). I act from love and grace (x4). My business is the asset (x4). My role
is to protect and grow the asset (x4). I hire amazing co-creators to support the business (x4). Miracles
and magic are normal in my business (x4). I am a unicorn talent attractor (x4). I manage my team with
ease (x4). I am worthy of my expectations (x4). I have a clear vision and I believe I can assemble the
team to make it happen (x5). I will achieve my goals in 2022 (x4). I love being the CEO of my team, my
business, and my life (x5). I love how amazing it feels to be the CEO of my business and my life (x4). My
business is magic (x5). I am magic because I can create money from my mind (x6). I am creating a
business I thrive in (x5). I am clear, concise, and consistent in my requests and team assignments (x5). I
treat my business as a prized queendom (x5). I can ask for and receive what I need and want (x5). I am
completely and totally supported (x5). I am surrounded by team members who are raving fans of our
vision and purpose (x5). I am fully stepping into my CEO self with ease and pride (x6). I am so proud of all
that I’ve created (x6). I am an exceptional leader (x5). I am a brave, brilliant, and powerful woman (x5).
Happy New Year. Take from this what resonated. Feel the affirmation. Remember that we create from
feeling. So, choose the ones that dropped in and read them, look at them, and mean them to yourself as
you launch into this beautiful new year. Thank you for tuning in.

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