What are you all in on? Does it show? What happens to you when you think about going all in on what matters to you most? What precious things… and, more importantly, what discomforts… come to mind? That’s really the crux of the whole thing, isn’t it? Making the lasting behavior changes necessary to move…

EP #5

Season 6 Episode 5: The All In Woman

What are you all in on? Does it show? What happens to you when you think about going all in on what matters to you most? What precious things… and, more importantly, what discomforts… come to mind?

That’s really the crux of the whole thing, isn’t it? Making the lasting behavior changes necessary to move through, to work in spite of, the discomforts. Love, let me give it to you straight: I’ve come to the place where I’m willing to be a hot mess, even in public, in front of others, for the sake of the thing I want most. Are you? Let’s talk about it.

“Are you willing to forgo comfort to achieve the thing you say you want most?” – Kris Plachy

What You’ll Learn

  • Admitting the discomfort
  • Willing to forgo, willing to be a mess
  • Avoiding feelings
  • Buffering behaviors
  • Becoming the woman, not perfecting processes

Contact Info and Recommended Resources

The All-In Coterie for 2023: Helping women identify what they really want to achieve and really getting over their own hangups about it.

My How to CEO program begins February 16, 2023 – The updated version of How to CEO includes the opportunity for management training for anyone on your team, while you go through the program.

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Connect with Kris Plachy

Hey, hey, welcome. So, let’s talk about being all in, missy. Let’s go.

I’m really curious to hear what you have to say about this one. Let’s go.

All right, well, welcome. Happy New Year. I’m so glad that you’re here. One of the things that I, a program I just decided to offer to my clients is something called All In Coterie for 2023. Someone said the word coterie to me a while ago and I loved it. I’m like, I’m going figure out how to use that.

And what is the All In Coterie? Well, I was thinking a lot about my clients and I have a variety of different people that we work with. We have our brand new clients. Step one, How to CEO. This is really how to advance who you are as a leader. Find your voice. Get those basic practices down, and this is for people who’ve been running companies for 20 years and people who are just getting started and been, you know, maybe five or $600K in revenue. They have a proven business model, but maybe haven’t figured out the team part.

Never surprises me how many of our clients who do How to CEO have actually, they’re running 10, 20, 15 million-dollar businesses. So I don’t ever want someone to think that they should be beyond something. Cuz if you’ve never really learned the fundamentals for leading a team, now’s the time. It just makes everything easier.

It’s like maybe you’re a really good chef and you’ve been able to cook your whole life, but you never really learn the basics of making food. Learning how to understand the chemistry of food and understand recipes and how starches affect sugars and all the things that happen when you bake. All of that matters because as soon as you understand the fundamentals, you have so much more freedom to be creative. So never minimize how important it is to just make that kind of an investment.

And then the second step with our clients is to come in to join us in the lab. And lab is really our application, coach on retainer, sounding board program. So, three times a week, we have calls, people can call in, ask questions about how to handle things that are going on in their team. And we see huge growth for people through this process because you can come in, first of all, you get your question answered really quickly. You know how to resolve it. You go out and you resolve it, and then you bring back any results that you have and we talk through them. So, an incredibly powerful way to help women grow and advance on what they’ve learned in How to CEO.

What we have found is the majority of our clients work with us for about 18 months or longer. After people come to the lab, they usually come and do a Hawaii retreat because now they’re ready to invest in themselves. They hear me talk about it enough, they get kind of curious. And then there are the select few that stay for a very long time because they love having a coach on retainer. They love the community that we have. They love knowing that they have that kind of support that’s honest and authentic. There’s advantages to staying.

We offer other things, and one of those things that we happen to be offering in 2023 is the All In Coterie. And when I really thought about what my tenured clients needed, and this in also included even my SAGE clients, is some accountability. I don’t like the word mastermind. It’s laden with old school patriarchical things, and so I don’t like it. I like the word elevate.

So All In Coterie is really about helping women identify what they most want to achieve and really getting over their own BS about it. We all have parts of our lives that have been nagging at us forever, and we’ve been just bad at moving through those. So this program is about that. It’s very simplified. It’s not just about business, it’s about who you are as a woman. And if you don’t stay on course, you get fired from the group. That’s how that works.

So why am I telling you this? Because first of all, I think that if you love this podcast and you run a business, I think it’s a shame that you haven’t started How to CEO, if that’s true. And I only say that because I think you could have so much more support than you do now if you joined us. I also say that because I want you to think about what are you all in on and does it show and are you all in on going all in? And what happens to you when you think about that? What discomfort shows up for you when you think about going all in on what matters to you most?

And I think the other piece is then, we have to break down what really is required to move through the discomfort of the behavior change that would need to come, to move beyond the parts of what you want to achieve, that you keep getting stuck in.

So you can’t just, I mean, you can white knuckle your way through anything. I mean, we all know that we’re human beings. We’re pretty resilient, we’re pretty tough, but it doesn’t necessarily create lasting change. And so what has to happen is we have to ask ourselves a couple things, and I will tell you, this podcast is dropping right before a retreat that I’m hosting.

I’m hosting a private retreat for two hours. It’s virtual, called CEO Magic on Saturday, January 14th, exclusively for clients. So if you’re thinking about joining How to CEO, join this week because not only will you be invited to this, but you’ll also be invited to have a spot for one of your key leaders in your company to join a management training that we’re running in March. It’s complimentary. It’s live with my COO. It’s an eight-week training.

And then we’re also gonna be hosting a live How to CEO. And if you register for the February group, you’re gonna have access to that live group as well, which I’m really excited to be able to offer you. And all of those details are at krisplachy.com/ceo.

So go over there and check ’em out. But it isn’t enough just to say you’re all in. We have to really decide who is the woman that is all in? Who is the woman who achieves the results that you say that you want? And what are you willing to do? Which is what we tend to say. We tend to focus on the things that we’re willing to do or the things we want to do, or the actions that we will take.

But I also want you to really think about what are you willing to release? What are you willing to stop? What are you willing to let go? What are you willing to say goodbye to? Sometimes the greatest barrier to what it is we say we want is not a what, but a who. Are you willing to forego comfort to achieve the thing you say you want most?

And this is the part where I think accountability groups are really valuable. Not because you need the strength of others to drive you forward, but because you need to be reminded that everyone has to make these kinds of choices to achieve what they want most. The things that we say we want most are always on this other side of the most discomfort, and man, do I know that that’s true for me? No question.

I’m 53 years old and I am certainly never gonna profess to be perfect at this. And that’s why I created this group because I also benefit from the accountability that comes with doing this work with others. I did a post today where I just wrote on Instagram and I said, just remember that one thing that’s always true is that we are all peers. I have no interest in being anybody’s guru. I have no interest in somebody seeing me as being better than them and holding me in that light, using me that way.

I love if what I say creates inspiration for other people. I love that for myself. When I hear that in people, I feel that way about my own clients. I feel like we have an incredibly mutual inspirational relationship, which is why I love what I do. So I do not profess to be an expert. I’m pretty much a mess just like everybody else, but I am willing to be messy. I’m willing to be a hot mess in public for others, in front of others, for the sake of the thing I say I want most. Are you?

Have you ever heard that question? Like, what would you do if you weren’t afraid? And then what was the other one? What would you do if you had no self-doubt? If it was impossible to feel self doubt, what would you do? And if you have an answer, if you’re like, “Oh, I would do this”, that is so telling, right? Like, you know, that self-doubt is just a feeling. Like the things we don’t do simply to avoid feeling a certain way. It’s crazy town.

We think about how much more potential we have to live a beautiful life. To live a life we can’t even believe. We could live simply because we don’t wanna feel the discomfort, embarrassment, humiliation, self-doubt, discomfort, or if the thing that you’re trying to change is a buffer behavior, which is one of mine, just not feeling, the feeling that I would have to feel if I don’t buffer.

What is buffering, right? We think about, we buffer out dents on a car. We buffer out chips. We buffer rough edges. That’s what buffering does, is it prevents us from feeling the rough parts of who we are. So we buffer, we eat, we shop, we work, we all have buffers. I, I have yet to meet a person I don’t think has a buffer, even the people with really healthy habits I see them buffering with their healthy habits. They buffer with exercise, they buffer with meditation, they buffer with yoga.

It’s just interesting because it’s so uncomfortable to feel a feeling. So you’re certainly not alone. But if that’s the only thing that keeps us from going all in on the very thing that we say that we want most, and isn’t it worth it to just experiment and see what might happen with that discomfort if we just let ourselves feel it? I wonder.

So this is the kind of work that I do with all of my clients. So everywhere you come into this business, you’re gonna get positive questions. Even if I’m teaching you how to fire someone, because the only way you’re gonna become the woman who can fire people is if you learn how to become the woman who can fire people, not the process to fire people. The only way you’re gonna learn how to become the woman who hires people really well and has a great team is to become the woman who hires people and makes really good decision about team, not the process for posting jobs on Indeed. The only way that you’re gonna become the woman who only has to work two days a week in the office because she’s making so much money and she’s such a great team, is to become the woman who knows what it looks like and how to work just two days a week in the office and build that team. Not to take a class on how to build a C-suite.

I know you want answers. I know everybody in the planet wants it to be easy, more so now than ever. Sound bites are just everywhere, right? Go to Instagram. Learn how to do everything. Can even fricking make cupcakes in six seconds or less, right? But can you? You ever seen the Pinterest fails?

That’s what I feel like I’m looking at all day. Leadership fails. And I watch all the people and all their espousing all the things, and I know what’s going on behind the scenes. Come on. Go all in on you, love. Go all in. Become the woman who achieves the goals that she says she wants to achieve.

Don’t just make a to-do list. Don’t just write New Year’s resolutions. Show up for yourself. Be willing to change. Invest in you. You are the asset. I’ve said it so many times. If you don’t invest in you, the business can only go so far it, and it will only grow as far as you do. So if you have not invested in yourself, and who you are as a woman, and who you are as a leader, and who you are as a change agent, and who you are as a a thought leader the business can’t go with you. It can’t go beyond you.

So for those of you who are listening and you’re saying, “I get it, Kris, but I just don’t have time”, I say this all the time, you don’t not have time. Every day you have a new opportunity to capitalize on the potential of this gorgeous human life that you have, and the one person who needs your attention and energy and love and investment is you.

So how about it? Go all in. Identify what it is you want most. Think about who is the woman who makes that happen and follow the path so it helps you get there. Thanks for tuning in. I’ll talk to you next time.

Hey, hey, are you ready to go all in on you as the gorgeous, powerful woman and CEO that you are? Whether you’re running a company that’s at $400,000 a year or $4 million a year or more, I know that there are practices that you probably need to advance in order to get the results that you need in your business. And those practices that we tend to ignore the most are the practices that have to deal with the people.

So if you’re ready to step up and really claim the voice that you have as a woman who leads and really, really lead that team as a feminine CEO, I would love to work with you in our program.

Go to krisplachy.com/ceo and learn all about what’s going on with us right now and get started with us this year. This is the year, love. Let’s do it.

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