•   Thank you Kris and wishing you MUCHO success in 2020. We had a record year, due in no small part of the many changes I implemented in myself as much as with my team - and all as a result of your amazing coaching. I continue to tell everyone who will listen about you. I am very grateful to have crossed paths with you and intend to continue to stay in touch, perhaps for some further work down the road. I continue to be inspired by your podcast!

    Evelynne Ross Partner, Recruiting in Motion - Toronto
  •     When I first started working with Kris I was running from the outside an extremely successful company - but I awoke everyday dreading my work. I had systems in place, but they involved ME. I had people in place, but they needed to GO. Since working with Kris I no longer feel stuck or anxious for what I confront on a daily basis. I feel confident and able. Kris helped me identify where I was bottle-necking myself and implanting believed that dragged me down so I could take massive action to change it. I highly recommend working with Kris if you are seeing success but not FEELING it.

    Leila Hormozi Co-CEO, Gym Launch LLC & GLS Labs LLC
  •     Working with Kris has given me the foundations from which I can build a healthy team and a sustainable business. What I loved most was that she coached me to take simple steps to solve people challenges that previously would have me running circles in my own head for months. The clarity I gained will support me to scale my business a lot faster. Thank you Kris!

    Salome Schillack Founder/CEO, Shine and Succeed
  • I have worked with several business coaches over the years and Kris is far superior to any one of them. The questions she asks are helpful to guide me to my own answers rather than her telling me what to do. Kris is helping me improve my management skills and confidence as a leader to take my business to the next level.

    Kim Hall Founder/Owner, Physio2You
  • The unique thing about Kris is that she helps me to come to my own solution, rather than just telling me what to do. My world, and my employees' worlds, have gotten so much clearer since I started working with Kris, and I feel confident to accomplish tasks that were overwhelming me. She is truly helping me improve my quality of life!

    Kari Pigott Founder/Owner, Sit Means Sit
  • Kris has profoundly changed my business. She taught me how to manage the whole spectrum of people in my business - from the difficult employee to the high performer. I am no longer bogged down by employee issues. Continuing to work with Kris was the easiest decision I made this year.

    Jen Hood Founder/Owner, Jump Gymnastics
  • Kris is able to truly understand an individual and through guided discussion, to help that individual find the path that will lead to success. I always turn to Kris if I need someone to help me put things in perspective, sift out my emotion, and find the personal power to reach my goals. Kris' approach is refreshing and effective for growing individuals and companies.

    Jody Moore Owner, Jody Moore Coaching
  • Kris helps to pull you out of the weeds and into the sky by looking at the future picture. She has extensive experience in people management and can help you assess a situation when you feel too close to make a good call. Every leader needs a Kris Plachy in her pocket!

    Angela Jia Kim Founder, Savor Beauty + Spa
  • After working with Kris, I am so much better equipped to manage my team and our growth! Really, I'm not sure where I would be today if it wasn't for Kris' guidance, splash of humour and tough love. A million thank yous. The photo is of me with my 2 new partners at our newest clinic. Passing on wisdom from Kris 🙂

    Laura Patrick Founder/Owner, Kids Physio Group
  • Kris has been a massive inspiration and support for me both in her leadership trainings and visionary guidance. I am so profoundly grateful to have found Kris. Her impact on my clinic has been huge. Kris has inspired me to think and scale well beyond what I believed was possible all while staying grounded and unwavering in my leadership. Thank you, Kris!

    Julie Durnan Naturopathic Physician and Clinic Founder, Restoration Health Clinic
  • Kris is the only reason I don't spend staff meeting crying in a ball on the floor. Despite being a world-class mindset coach myself, I was not prepared for the unique challenges that come with expanding your staff and learning how to manage your human capital. Kris has a great understanding of how entrepreneur brains work and how they need to change and evolve to build a sustainable business, positive employee relationships, and a strong business culture. Any female founder who isn't a natural born manager should hire her - and I think that's all of us.

    Kara Loewentheil Unf*ck Your Brain
  • The biggest impact on me from my work with Kris is the ability to start difficult conversations. She has helped me be able to think and walk through different situations and act confidently especially when it involves employees and their accountability.

    Katie Neilson Co-Founder/Co-CEO Assure
  • Working with Kris has single-handedly given us the tools to develop and hone our management skills, to refine our systems and processes, to create accountability and metrics for our team members to not only succeed, but to thrive, and - perhaps most importantly, to take our company to the next level. We couldn’t possibly recommend working with her more! If you are a female entrepreneur looking to up-level your business game, Kris is your coach.

    Krista & Tami Partners & Principal Interior Designers at Cloth and Kind
  • When I started working with Kris I was emotionally attached to my business in a way that was impacting my ability to make the best business decisions. Now, I'm able to take a step back, evaluate, and use tools and reference frameworks Kris has given me, to make more evolved decisions. Now every day I ask myself - what will I do today to help push my business forward - instead of getting stuck in the minutia and stress that's bound to come up.    

    Ruthie Shulder CEO, The Participation Agency
  • I've worked with Business Coaches for over 5 years and Kris is the first to help me see what my potential really can be as a business owner. She is able to dive in on a subject that I would never have thought of and help me gain clarity and determine a direction for positive action. She is very positive; and pushes on me to gain perspective about situations before she assists me in determining the action plan.    

    Tim Watson President, Watson Engineering Company, Inc.
  • Kris has a way of asking just the right questions to shake you from that stuck place where we sometimes find ourselves. Over the years, she has helped me get unstuck when I was not focusing on the right things to take my business to the next level. I was successful, but I wanted to be more successful – and she helped me create the plan to make it happen. Her ability to help me see things differently have been game changing. Her sense of humor makes the hard work fun.

    Angee Linsey Founder/Owner, Linsey Careers
  • Kris has a unique ability to cut through confusion and bring clarity. She takes the drama and emotion out of issues and helps you see solutions that are pragmatic and useful. Kris has made a huge impact on my management skills and if you are looking for a management/business coach, don't hesitate to hire Kris.

    David Begin Founder/Owner, Wild Blue Carwash
  • When I first started working with Kris, I was trying to piece all the tips and tricks together to be a better leader. I was frustrated and overwhelmed by everything that I had to do. . .in addition to building and managing a team. After working with Kris, I felt less stressed, empowered, and confident.

    Michelle Arant Founder/Owner, Michelle Arant Coaching
  • As a newer manager, Kris has been invaluable in coaching me not only on best practices and easy to use formulas for managing and growing my team, but she also coaches me on my mindset that ultimately impacts my results with my team. I feel like she's my not-so-secret weapon for up-leveling my identity as a leader.

    Lauren Cash Executive Director, The Life Coach School
  • After working with Kris at one of her retreats, I was able to build a plan for the longer-term priorities and put things into action. I now have a new found confidence and power I've never experienced before.  I am prioritizing me and not feeling guilty about it.  I better understand how to manifest the life I'm choosing to live.    

    Cheryl Donahue Vice President Global Sales at BrightEdge
  • First and foremost Kris unlocked my blocks. She helped unleash my courage and ability to move forward to create my own business. To be seen and to contribute. Working with Kris was one of my best decisions and I have deeply appreciated that the benefits have continued to deliver over the years.

    Stephanie Merriman Founder/Owner, Merriman Management Support
  • Kris set me on a path I had no idea was in front of me and allowed me to imagine unlimited possibilities in living my dream. I called her SIR in my first session out of respect and admiration. She IS Relentless, both in realizing her own dreams and in pushing women past the fear that accumulates over time. She taught me to fear less and to move more!

    Jayne Van Brunt Founder/Owner, SSS Nightingales
  • As a leader balancing life and work in a very male-heavy industry, I was feeling frustrated a lot and saw the impact it was having on my results. I knew that something had to change. Kris helped me change the path I was on by guiding me to focus on what was happening inside of me.

    Erin Rosenthal Jones VP Sales, Compeat Software
  • Working with Kris has helped me get out of my emotions when dealing with management / leadership issues and instead get to practical solutions.  She has been invaluable in navigating personality conflicts across my very broad team of over 700, and in personally coaching me on how to best interact with my boss and decision makers. If you want to up level yourself, and your team, you absolutely should work with Kris!  You will learn, have fun, and bring it!  

    Laura Knapp Officer, US Army
  • Working with Kris has made a huge impact on me as a leader. She has given me the tools I was missing to effectively manage and coach employees as a true leader. If you're a leader at any level, you need to work with Kris!      

    Stacy Landry Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency
  • The biggest impact I felt from working with Kris was her ability to translate my feelings into action. I was able to talk through what I felt about the situation and she was able to translate it into the appropriate business issue that could be solved.

    Catie Duyn Chief Of Staff for Head of Recruiting, Twitter
  • Working with Kris has been incredibly valuable as I plan my next chapter. She builds a strong understanding of what's important to me, where I excel, and where I struggle. As I consider all of the amazing possibilities open to me, she helps me to "test" those choices against my strengths, values and goals as I've outlined.   With her as a "thinking partner", I am so much more confident in taking that next big step!    

    DeAnn Petersson Founder/President, SunBurst Sales Innovation
  • Kris is one of the most progressive, innovative, and creative thought leaders and coaches I have ever met. Kris is one of those rare individuals who have transformed the leader, person, and human being I am today. As a result of my work with Kris, I have been able to more effectively lead and coach my teams to maximum levels of performance within their various roles. Kris' talent is unlike any I have ever encountered.

    Dr. Jodi Ashbrook Founder/Owner, ZenLeader
  • Kris has a unique, intuitive internal compass and an honest, direct coaching style that could help anyone she works with become an even more authentic and successful leader. An excellent motivational speaker and author, she helps people achieve tangible results by helping them manage the way they think and then helping them  actually practice new behaviors that result from those new thoughts.

    Vicki Merrill Author of 10 Simple Secrets of the Best Leaders
  • Kris is phenomenal! She has a unique ability to apply her knowledge to benefit situations and create opportunities that enhance everyone’s experience. She is creative and candid in her suggestions – and always spot on. As a leader passionate about adult learners in higher education, I will always seek occasions that allow Kris to engage my teams. We will always be better for it.

    Jeré J Thrasher, Ed.D Principal, TLC: Performance outcomes
  • Kris is an incredibly gifted coach, who can quickly diagnose performance concerns, and work with individuals and groups to create effective solutions. Kris is passionate about developing the ability of others to become better coaches, and this passion is infectious. I have worked with Kris on a number of projects, and she is always creative, inspiring and supportive.

    Joanna Lacey Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant
  • Kris has an uncanny understanding and application of coachingthat assists in not only professional but personal development. When you interact with her, you are changed. She is a trueinfluencer and is seen that way in the organization we worked intogether.

    Lauren Caputo Training Development Manager at SAG-AFTRA
  • Kris has helped me find the confidence and given me the tools to be an effective leader and manager. She really helped me get the business part of my medical practice going in the direction I want it to go. I feel like the mindset shift and management skills I learned are definitely worth the investment I made in this coaching on their own, but the changes I made in my business will more than pay for the cost of working with Kris.

    Matt Ubell, MD Partner, Moreland ENT
  • Kris Plachy is probably the most influential person I have encountered in my career. She has an unparalleled energy and passion for her craft. She understands her clients and what their needs are and offers creative and meaningful solutions. I dare you to find an obstacle that Kris cannot offer a solution to.

    Nancy Cervasio Executive Director, EdPlus