When it comes to assembling a team of coaches to support my clients… let’s just say I’m VERY selective. People who’ve worked with me in the past will attest to this. I don’t suffer fools lightly and I expect my clients to always have THE BEST coaching support. Period.

Enter Michelle Arant. Michelle and I met several years ago when she hired me as her coach. She was the COO of a start up at the time and was also learning how to be a coach through the certification program at The Life Coach School. I was tough on Michelle. She was a very willing client. And so it’s gone from there.

Michelle has proven over and over that she is seriously as-good-as-it-gets when it comes to coaching. Landing her Tennessee wit, humor, smarts and charm as a part of Team Plachy was seriously quite a coup.

Michelle is a Certified Coach with The Life Coach School and a Certified Leadership Coach with Leadership Coach, LLC. In addition to her coaching certifications, she also has a doctoral degree in Education.

Michelle’s expertise in coaching complimented by her extensive leadership experience make her a natural addition to the Plachy Coaching team. She understands entrepreneurship, assembling, developing and (yes) even dismantling a team. And she understands the nuances of human behavior that present ongoing ‘opportunities’ for each of us as we learn and stretch ourselves and our businesses to grow. One thing I’ve grown to love about Michelle (and you will, too) is not only her knowledge of the concepts taught but her expertise in actually applying what you will be learning working with her. She doesn’t just talk about the tools but can actually show you how she uses them in her everyday practice.

I’m so excited to have Michelle on this team, to work with our clients.

She is a game-changer, change maker and (a little bit of) a rain-maker. If you’re ready to change. If you’re ready to learn. If you’re ready to shake things up. Michelle is the coach who’s gonna get you there.