As an entrepreneur there are plenty of experts who want your attention.

They want to help you market your business.

Get more clients.

Make more money.

Find more resources.

I don’t do any of that.

I help you deal with the PEOPLE who work in your business with you and for you.

The people part, as I have found with my clients, is the MOST vital part of your business as you scale.

But you already know that.

And when I say ‘people part’, I also mean YOU.

I’m not an expert on coding your website, but I’m an expert in leading people,  the human mind and the emotions involved with both.

Whether you are working with contractors or employees, you have to learn the skill of working well with people.

No one taught you this.

You didn’t learn it in school.

You didn’t learn it in your first or even your corporate job.

The fact is, most people don’t know how to lead, manage, communicate, or motivate people. And unfortunately I’m talking to you, my beautiful entrepreneur.

I’m especially talking to you.

Because you are the hero of this story.

You are good at being a force of one. You know how to go out and make something amazing-you did it with your business.

And if you are like my other clients, you did it with very little help.

And you are most likely a bit tired.

You know you need some help.

You need some people.

And if you have people already, you want to figure out how to get the most out of them (or to even make sure they’re doing their jobs!)

And you want the best people who can read your mind and are basically just like you but less tired.

You want them to swoop in and take over the stuff you don’t want to do with very little training and no annoying questions.

But you don’t have time to find them, let alone train and talk to them.

Am I close?

The good news is that you will get to a point in your business where you won’t be able to grow unless you get some good help and learn now to lead them well.

It’s good news for me, because I can help you, and it’s good news for you because growth is good and a good team makes running business fun again.

The solutions you seek are simple.

I promise.

I’ll teach you all the secrets to finding people, hiring them well, training them properly, and holding them accountable.

Isn’t it time you became the woman who can work less and depend on others more.

I will be here for you as your second opinion. I’ll be your sounding board for when you think you might lose your mind.

I’ll help you take your business from a one woman show to the BIG SHOW where the company actually starts giving back without sucking you dry.


Weekly, powerful coaching with me.

Tools I’ve taught hundreds of women like you.

Doing the simple things, to make that big differences.

Investing in YOU so that all-the-things improve.

I think you’ll be amazed at how quickly things come together, with my tools and your attention.

If you have a seven figure business, but you feel emotionally and maybe even financially broke now is the time for us to work together.

The Group is a unique experience with no comparison.

We do the thing that everyone wishes for.

We solve all the people problems.

It’s the second opinion you desperately seek out, but never seem to find.

It’s the simplicity you want more than anything, but always feels elusive.

There is no human capital challenge, issue, idea or problem you can bring to my coaching practice that we will not solve together. Ever.

Step one is a four week 1:1 deep dive with me.

In our first four weeks we do a full review into your business, your plans and your human capital challenges and/or design.

We create the strategy that will become the foundation for all of your future decisions related to hiring, firing and all things human capital.

Once we’ve triaged your current status, you graduate into The Group of exceptional women who are, like you, leading themselves and their businesses to exciting new levels of growth and opportunity.

Each week we connect and coach on the very real challenges of being a woman who leads her own business.

It’s intimate.

It’s powerful.

It’s insightful.

It’s real.

It’s confidential.

And it’s unique.

Women who enter this circle stay because the level of wisdom combined with the expectations and challenge are not found elsewhere.

You’re smart.

You want to grow.

And you want to be with other women who are like you.

Only A players are invited to join.

To enter, you must meet with me for a consultation.

Once we meet, I’ll let you know if you qualify.

At this point, I’m accepting new clients on a wait list.

To gain access please CLICK HERE to schedule time to connect.