We have an employee who continues to be unprepared for meetings and team calls. She’s the only one who isn’t prepared. We’ve coached her and provided checklists, but she just won’t get any better. What should we try next?

Remember we can’t change other humans. That’s their business.
Your business is to hold her accountable for what she does or doesn’t deliver.
If she is unprepared for a meeting, excuse her from the meeting and tell her she can come back once she has what she needs.
The other people on the team are watching you as well and they really don’t want to have to listen to you coach her through sharing the information she is unprepared to deliver. I know we often focus on the person who is unprepared and not wanting them to feel bad, but let’s also think about the rest of the team too. They are prepared. If you run a tighter meeting and agenda, it will become much more clear to this employee what the expectations are. If you don’t hold her to the same expectation, she will likely continue to not be prepared. And if she cannot meet the expectation and it has a legitimate business impact, you have to move forward with what looks like reasonable accountability for her performance.
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