Ep #3: Who SHOULD and Who SHOULD NOT Work for a Female Entrepreneur

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There are several qualities that drive you and your entrepreneurial spirit. Here are some suggestions for avoiding wasting your brain space and your time dragging people along because they can’t handle working with you.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  1. Founders have high expectations and low tolerance for mistakes.
  2. They’re incredibly generous and want to recognize and reward people who work for them.
  3. They’re visionaries and they change their minds a lot.
  4. It’s hard to earn their trust, and that can feel like micro-management. Founders are “swoopers” and they always will be.
  5. Sometimes they forget to say thank you and they can be very direct.
  6. They move so fast.
  7. Founders must hire people with “a maturity of spirit” who have enough independence to take action and yet enough humility to not take it personally when they’re told they did it wrong and need to do it again.

Featured on the Show and Other Notes:

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