Ep #29: The Accountability Problem for Entrepreneurs

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Leaders today are so fearful of confrontation and giving feedback that they’re not holding employees accountable. Here’s the big mistake we all make, and how to keep it from being a drag on your business.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  1. Accountability is your ability to account for someone else’s ability.
  2. If we, collectively, as business leaders, decided to consistently account for our employees’ ability, we would change the world.
  3. People who don’t care or want to be held accountable don’t hate you. They don’t like the transparency of witnessing their own inadequacy.
  4. Age is not related to accountability. It’s experience and it’s the way people think.
  5. The first mistake we all make is hiring someone and assuming they’ll hold themselves accountable.
  6. Thinking about hiring someone to solve a problem is the seed of accountability. Once you know what the solution looks like, now you know the role that position must fill, and what accountability looks like.
  7. Accountability is not a corporate thing – it’s a relationship thing.

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