Ep #71: You Are Just One Person Away from Magic in Your Business

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When you have one employee who’s bringing your company’s performance down, the impact on the team is very noticeable. Here’s why that one person is standing between you and total magic in your business.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  1. Once you remove the negative energy from your business and brain you create all kinds of space for something new.
  2. If that person hasn’t grown with the business, they’re almost like a memory of who you were when you started, and that’s not who you are today. It keeps you stuck energetically.
  3. When you let that person go and create room in your business, then you can get intentional about what you want to create and the results you want to achieve.
  4. You have to learn the processes to follow, the words to say, the conversations to have in order to foster the change necessary to create total magic in your business.

Featured on the Show and Other Notes:

  • I’ve hired a diversity advisor, Dr. Camille Broussard Wise, to work with me, and she will also be working with all of my clients. Go here for our course on Conscious Inclusion for Female Entrepreneurs.
  • The How to Manage Virtual Employees Course
  • The Q2 Pivot program – because I think quarter 2 is going to be the groundwork for the rest of the year. This includes 14 lessons. The first lesson was about leadership stamina. This is part of the Founder’s Lab and part of the one on one coaching program I offer. Go to www.krisplachy.com/join.
  • The Founder’s Lab. The Founder’s Lab is doing well and getting busy. We may have to limit enrollment. You have until the 3rd week in July to join us. This is my private coaching program for female founders who are generating more than 7-figures in their revenue. It’s a complement to the Entrepreneurial Management program (with Brooke Castillo) and is part of the work you get as a client of mine.
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Podcast Transcript

Hey, I’m Kris Plachy, Host of the Lead Your Team Podcast. Running a million dollar business is not easy, and whether you’re just getting started with building your team or you’ve been at this for a while, I’m going to bring you honest, specific, and clear practices you can use right now today to improve how well you lead your team. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Hello, how are you? And welcome. Do you guys remember The Moviefone? That’s what I felt like just then. “Welcome to Moviefone.” Welcome to this week’s episode of the podcast. I’m so glad that you’re here. I am thinking about you. I’ve spent a lot of time talking to female entrepreneurs. Obviously, it’s what I do for a living. But even more so I feel like I’ve been having so many really powerful substantive conversations about a lot of transformation, a lot of movement that’s happening in the world.

And, anyway, I just wanted to say hi and that I hear you and see you and I know that you are doing good work and hoping that what we talk about today you find useful and helpful as you go forward. But one quick announcement, maybe two. I am in the process of working with Dr. Camille Broussard Wise, who is our new Conscious Inclusion Advisor, is what we are calling her, and we are going to be putting together a course for you. It will be called Conscious Inclusion For Female Entrepreneurs. We’re still working out the actual details, but it’ll probably be about four or five weeks long. Live calls with support, Q and A, calls in between to help you really find your footing when it comes to inclusion and thinking about what that means for you as somebody running a business, no matter what your business.

And I think what we’ve all learned over the past several weeks, especially those of us who have not been touched by racism or other systems that are oppressive and affecting us is, that we have a lot to learn. And so I want to extend an invitation to you right now if you’re one of those women who is looking for more help, looking for some substantive insight and researched based tools and knowledge. I really want to invite you to come and join us for this course. I think, well, I know, Camille’s ridiculously amazing, you guys, and she’s funny and so smart and honest. We’ve had very powerful conversations over the past couple of weeks and I’m eager to share all of it with you. So I know this will be a game changer for you and I’m excited about it. So my goal is, by the time this publishes, there will be a link for you to join a wait list so you can get your name on there. We’ll be able to get you all the details so you can reserve a spot and get yourself set up.

The second thing is that the Founders Lab, we’re having a great time. It’s getting busy and we’re getting to the point where we might have to limit enrollment, which I’m surprised to be saying at this point, but that is where we are. And so I just want to make sure you all know if you’ve been thinking about working with me in the Founders Lab, doing some powerful coaching work and working on your business, you’re going to have until about the third week of July to join us and then we’re no longer going to have any openings for hot minute. So I would love to invite you to join me. We’re talking about everything from rebounding from COVID and this pandemic, and frankly, even the things that are still going on. Today, we had a pretty powerful conversation on one of my calls with the group about what you need to think about as an employer as people continue to negotiate this COVID, and do you need to have policies in place? What if someone tests positive? Should you require testing? How do you do that? All of this. So much to talk about.

So that’s just one thing. And then we also talked about how to deal with somebody who is chronically late to work and what do we do with them? So that brings me to today. Today I want to talk with you about something that I actually have talked to several of my clients about this week, which is really powerful and I love the insight that I continue to get, but I was talking with a client yesterday and she just said, “Everything’s great. Everything’s fabulous.” I talked with another client. “Everything’s great. Everything’s fabulous.” And all of this is after they let go of one person on the team, making that decision to let go of one person, and usually, and in most cases, that one person is your most tenured employee. This is the person that has been around the longest, likely knows your business better than anyone, they just know everything about your business.

But the problem sometimes with our most tenured people is they can get a little lazy with how they do their work. They can become a little entitled because they’ve been around a long time and they have kind of a super special relationship with you. Those are some of the behaviors. But the other thing is that they also just maybe haven’t changed as the business has changed and so their skills are not what you need them to be. Whatever the reason, what I can tell you is in a small business, when you have one employee who’s really not exceeding the expectations or they have demonstrating behaviors that are really difficult to work with, the impact that has on the entire team is really, really potable.

And so it just never ceases to amaze me though, because most people who hire me already have team members, if you’re at that seven figure mark, you’ve already got some people working for you, but it’s just not going well and you don’t know where to begin, and inevitably, we kind of identify, okay, there’s a couple challenges here and we do the re-offer and we go through the process of getting all of your framework set up, and then eventually we find that either somebody steps up to it or they don’t. And it never fails that when we ask somebody to go, who really is no longer suited to work for you, and you’re able to bring somebody new in, which usually doesn’t take very long, it is like a miracle in your business. And that’s why I called this, you’re just one person away from total magic in your business.

And here’s a few reasons why. The first one is the obvious, which is, as soon as remove that negative, difficult, challenging energy from your team and from your business and from your brain, you create all sorts of space for something new. The second thing is that person, if they haven’t grown with you and with the business, they’re almost like a memory, a shadow memory of who you were when you started, and that is not who you are today. And so it serves as like this anchor that keeps you sort of stuck energetically, honestly, in how you show up and what your expectations are for yourself and others. And that’s not their fault. That frankly has nothing to do with them. It’s just that that’s what they represent because of the growth in your business.

And the third thing is that when you let them go and you create room in your business then you get intentional about what you want to create in your business. You get intentional about the position that you really need, about the work you really need accomplished, about the results that you really want to achieve. Instead of settling and tolerating, now you’re building and creating and investing. And so what happens is you grow. You step into a whole new level as the leader of your business, as the manager of this team, as the founder of your company. And it’s a game changer. And so I hear it over, and I’m always reminded this actually works, you’re always one person away from magic, from ease. You are one person away from accelerating your growth. You are one person away from getting more vacation time for yourself. You are one person away from eliminating distraction and confusion and noise and discomfort. You really are. But I know how hard it is to go through the process of inviting someone to up level and grow with you or to let them go.

I understand that, but that discomfort is not a reason to not do it. Because I’ve seen it. I see it all the time what happens to your business when you release employees who are dragging you. And, again, this is not because they’re not good people. This has nothing to do with them, their characteristics or qualities. This is about growth. And we know that in order to stimulate growth, we have to prune, we have to trim. We have to do it. Your job is not to carry people with you. Your job as the custodian of your business is to propel its success. And for employees who can’t grow with you, it’s okay. But you’ve got to learn the processes to follow, the words to say, the conversations to have, to foster the change necessary to get you to where you need to be. And I know I’ve said this once, but I’m going to say it again. You really are just one person away. What would that mean to you? What would it mean? I think it can mean everything.

So I’d certainly love to help you with it if I can, because I know what you want to accomplish in the world is incredibly important and I don’t want to see you miss out on that because of the discomfort of this moment on how you negotiate this relationship with this person in your company. We can fix that. Okay? All right. So give that some thought. Have a wonderful week and I will talk to you again next time.

Hey there, gorgeous. Are you ready to take everything I teach you in this podcast and put it to work in your business and really learn how to master leading your team? If so, I’d love to have you as a client in the Founders Lab. To learn more about how we can work together, head on over to krisplacky.com/join. There you’ll see everything you need to know about the Founders Lab and how to get started. See you there.

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