Ep #84: How to CEO for Female Entrepreneurs

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Many women are reluctant to call themselves the CEO of their own business. Let’s go over why it’s so important to take that step and what the How to CEO for Female Entrepreneurs program can do to get you there.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  1. An exercise to do to help determine why you don’t call yourself CEO.
  2. Why the first module in the program is CEO Mindset.
  3. What the “How to CEO” program provides and what its goal is.
  4. The list of 8 guest experts who will participate and who will talk with you live about their areas of expertise.
  5. All about your CEO blueprint.

Featured on the Show and Other Notes:

  • We created a quiz to help determine what stage of team management you’re in. Go here to take the quiz and we’ll give you the video series I created on How to Write a CEO Job Description.
  • How to CEO for Female Entrepreneurs – registration starts September 22nd. The program begins on September 29th and goes for 12 weeks. People on the waitlist will benefit from some early registration perks, so sign up today at how2ceo.com.
  • Our phenomenal guests! Ali Brown, Ann Barnes, Dr. Camille Broussard Wise, Brandi Bernoskie, Emily Sandberg, Eleanor Beaton, and Robin Long.
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Podcast Transcript

Hey, I’m Kris Plachy, host of the Lead Your Team podcast. Running a million-dollar business is not easy. And whether you’re just getting started with building your team or you’ve been at this for a while, I’m going to bring you honest, specific, and clear practices you can use right now, today, to improve how well you lead your team. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Hello! How are you? Welcome, welcome. I’m so Lead Your Team podcast. Today, we’re going to talk about how to CEO. I’m talking about this for a few reasons. I want to talk with you about really what the philosophy is and stands behind, this How to CEO for Female Entrepreneurs program that we are very close to launching. Registration will open on Tuesday, September 22nd, and so if you’re on my mailing list or, yeah, if you’ve done the how to CEO quiz or you’re on my mailing list or you follow me on Instagram, you will be notified and you will find out about it. We’ve already been having some early registrations from people who are on the wait list. And so it’s been super fun to see who these amazing women are and what an incredible tribe we’re putting together here to rally around women and help them really step into the CEO role and do the work of it.

The reason that I called this program Have a CEO is I have noticed through my own journey, and I know I talked about this on a previous podcast a little bit, that a lot of women are very reluctant to call themselves CEO. And in fact, I did a webinar last week for my wait list and I asked them to write their name. So I would ask you to do this, as well, if you’re sitting down somewhere, not if you’re driving. But if you don’t call yourself a CEO, but you are a female entrepreneur, I would ask you to write your name and then put a comma and write CEO. Kris Plachy, CEO. Right? And then look at that and ask your brain what you make it mean.

I asked women on the webinar that, and of course my best and favorite answer, which is pretty much I think what a lot of people think is, “Who does she think she is, calling herself a CEO?” So we have this relationship with that title that in some ways a lot of us don’t believe we’re worthy of the role. And of course, nothing happened in my life that said, “Oh, you’re a CEO now.” I just decided to call myself that.

But the reason I think it’s incredibly important to call yourself the CEO of your business is because of the position and stance you take once you assume that role. Instead of being kind of in the business, working in it all the time, being a technician in the business, we’re inviting you to come up and be the CEO, which means you look at the entire thing and you’re the executive officer, so you are overseeing all of the operations. But you are not doing all of them.

And I really want to drive this home. I’ve been saying it now for several weeks, like the step for you to take to really assume that level of responsibility and engagement and leadership is to believe that’s who you are, right? The systems and the formula for managing people is what I teach you. I can do that. But it’s no mistake that the very first module of the How to CEO program will be CEO mindset. You have to adopt and really move through the process of believing that you are a CEO.

I think it’s a good question for you to ask yourself. Do you believe it? And if not, why not? Right? If you have your own business, you really do get to call yourself whatever you want. But women are minimizing themselves too often, and I want you to stop that. So if that’s you, we got to cut it out.

Okay, so what is the How to CEO program? I really want to give you the details and share with you all sorts of really exciting things. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before, and I don’t know if we’ll do it again. And so that’s also pretty important, I think, for you to know, if you’ve been considering working with me and my team. This is a pretty exceptional opportunity, and I really want to encourage you to invest in yourself and your team at this point.

What I want to do on this podcast is talk to you about the structure of the program and talk to you about the content that we’re going to go over and really what the overall experience will be, what the goal is. It’s a 12-week program, starts on the 29th. It will conclude mid-December. We will meet every week, live, with me, actually on Tuesdays at 10:00 AM Pacific time, so I’m giving you all the details, okay? That’s Tuesday at 10:00 AM. You’ll have an hour-long live call with me and everybody else in the program. And that’s where I will teach you the tools, the practices, et cetera, and I will also host questions and answer your questions.

Then we’re also going to be having what we call application coaching hours, and so we will have two different of those live office hour coaching hours. I will be hosting them, as well as my colleague and amazing fellow coach, Michelle Arant. We will also be inviting people based on your business’s size to attend different office hours, so if you’re over seven figures, we’ll do one kind of office hours. If you are trying to get to seven figures, we’ll do a different one. And then we’re also going to have two office hours a month with Dr. Camille Broussard Wise, who is our diversity, equity, and inclusion advisor because if you haven’t really integrated DEI into your business, this is really the time for you to consider what you want to be factoring in and what your philosophy is.

You’re going to have a lot of ongoing support from my team and myself in addition to the live courses. This is not a video course. This is all live, interacting with people. We’re also complementing this entire experience with our panel. Well, I wouldn’t call it panel. Our assimilation, our assembly of amazing guest experts. And the guest experts are coming to talk with you live, again, and really talk about their area of expertise.

The experts we have on deck and are confirmed and booked. Ali Brown, who is honestly one of the most well-recognized and well-known coaches for female entrepreneurs. She is a business genius. She has incredible insight and ideas, and I’m very excited for her to come and share with you what she knows we all need to be paying attention to as it relates to really that strategic level of thinking about your business. And I can tell you, now that I’ve known Ali for quite some time and I’ve followed her for years, the women she works with are in every place in the world and also every kind of industry you can think of. So her depth of knowledge and how she can support all of us is really, really amazing, so she’s going to be a tremendous guest expert.

The second guest expert we have is Ann Barnes. Ann is a colleague and a client. She joined me in Hawaii a few years ago. Ann is a current chief executive officer for a company called IMO. I met Ann when she had her own business that she grew and sold for multiple millions of dollars. And she now is in the business of going into companies and working as the CEO to really get the business ready for its next sale. She’s going to come and talk with clients about if you might want to sell someday, things you should really know about that process. She works a lot with VC and investment bankers and investors, and so she has a real understanding of that side of it. Now, a lot of my clients don’t want to sell right now, but they do think that maybe someday they would. And so I want to give you some insight now, so you can start that going and planning and thinking that way, if that’s your end game long-term.

Dr. Camille Broussard Wise will also be a guest expert, and she’s going to lead a session on understanding race, diversity, equity, and inclusion as a female entrepreneur. I love, every time I have a chance to talk with Camille, I learn she is so learned. She’s a scholar. And I think we all have to do this work of immersing ourselves in all the different aspects of our communities right now that are affected by lack of inclusion. And so race is a big topic and a big area of emphasis right now. But we know there are a lot of groups that we need to be more understanding and learn about so that we can run our businesses, both internally and externally aligned with our philosophy and our values.

Our next guest expert is Brandi Bernoskie, and she is a digital strategist. She’s a website developer, and she is the founder of her business called Alchemy + Aim. And what she does is she helps entrepreneurs and business owners really elevate their online presence and enhance the digital experience. I like to think of her as like the storyteller of a woman’s business through the medium of her digital presence. She’s absolutely lovely. Again, wicked smart. She manages the website for Brené Brown, Ali Brown, Laverne Cox, Judy Smith, and other notable thought leaders, so she’s very involved in working with very successful, big-thinking female entrepreneurs. So I know she’s going to bring you a rich experience of learning.

The next one, can you go on please? Right? There’s three more! This is just ridiculous. Just the guest experts are worth the registration, you guys. This is so amazing. Okay. Emily Sandberg. She is a money coach. She’s my CFO. She and I meet once a month. We do all of my review of my revenue, my profit, my expenses, but she makes it so different than anything I’ve ever done. We do forecasting. We do budgeting. This is not your average bookkeeper. And her work has literally helped dozens of clients go from like running a business that’s money hungry to really having predictable, profitable revenue. And just the whole enterprise is amazing. She really, really understands female entrepreneurs. It’s, I think, the majority of her business. She’s going to come and talk to all of y’all about you and your money, so you need to be ready.

The next guest expert is Eleanor Beaton, and she is amazing. She is a client. She has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of female entrepreneurs scale their businesses. She really helps women with their messaging, their positioning, and their overall methodologies to growing their business. She’s the most astute wordsmith I’ve ever met. She absolutely knows how to say something in a way that I’ve never heard before. Not to mention that she’s just delightful. She will be with us to also talk about power, presence, and position and how you need to think about things as a woman who’s running her business, no matter what your business is. How well are you asserting yourself and the business in the world that you want to be in?

And lastly, but certainly not least, is Robin Long, who is also a client, and she is just as wonderful as can be. Based in Santa Barbara, she owns and manages The Balanced Life, which is an online membership community that provides quick and effective Pilates workouts for busy women. Who doesn’t need that? Especially right now, when we can’t get out. The West Coast can’t even leave their house because of the smoke in the air. But she has such a heart of grace. It’s so lovely to see her be so successful. But I really wanted to make sure in this How to CEO program, that we brought in someone who understands being a CEO and really nurtures and honors the self-care space. And so that’s what Robin’s going to do with all of you is really help you think through how you can keep having some balance despite the ebbs and flows of running your own company.

I don’t know. If that list of people doesn’t make you giddy, I don’t know what to tell you. And we will have links for any of these folks who have websites. We will put those in the show notes so you can check them out on your own. And you can certainly look at all of this information that I’m sharing with you by going to HowToCEOLive.com. That’s where all of the registration information will be and so much more.

We’re going to do 12 weeks with me live, 12 weeks of ongoing coaching. We’re going to have eight guest experts scattered throughout the program. We’re going to have incredible content, and the content is designed to create your CEO blueprint. What I want for you by the time you finish is your CEO blueprint, which really will become your manual, your operating tool for how you’re going to lead, manage, hire, fire, coach, develop the people in your team. And we’re going to do that work over 12 weeks, and you’ll get your blueprint. And then as we go each week, you’re going to be completing part of it.

My goal is because so many of my clients that I work with, they’re so busy. You have so much going on that you don’t have this dedicated time. But you know you need this. You know you need to figure out what your compelling reason is, what your vision is. You know, you need to figure out what I call your leadership and team operating system, which is your expectations, your values, really driving home the behaviors that you want to see in the team and how to drive culture. We know that you need to create the job descriptions for certain people in your team or everybody. And for you. Do you have a job description? Right?

I know that you need a system for hiring. I know that you need a system for firing. I know that you need a system for onboarding. I know that you need a process for holding people accountable. I know that you need a process for how to coach and help people get better. And I also know that you need a process for dealing with difficult conversations, moments, and people. I also know you needed a process for delegating. My goal is to give you all of that, so that once you’re done with me in that 12 weeks, you’ll either want to continue coaching, which we’re going to have an option for you to do that, or you will have the foundations, this blueprint, to manage anyone on anything at any time anywhere. And better still, as your business grows and you hire a manager or two to help you lead your business, you’ll be able to help them get better onboarded and in line with your expectations more quickly.

My aim here is a very practical, very hands-on, engaging experience. Like I said, the whole thing is live. There’s no videos, although everything will be recorded, so you will get to keep it and rewatch it. Not a problem. And then there’s also a yummy, fun, very amazing, cute, beautiful treat for all of my clients who sign up, but you’ll have to wait and see what that is. Registration is going to open on the 22nd, and we are going to make an early registration available. We currently have it open for our wait list. We’re going to do a separate early registration option for folks who register right when we open the registration opportunity.

If you are not on my mailing list, you really want to get on it. And I would suggest you do that by going to HowToCEOLive.com, and you’ll be able to get right on the waiting list. If you also want a resource and you haven’t done the HowToCEOQuiz.com, I would certainly also recommend you take a look at that because we’re … People are loving it, and it’s a really great way for you to kind of assess where you are in your CEO journey. And based on the results that you get through this quiz, we make some recommendations and share with you some ideas to help you move through where you are and to the next level. HowToCEOQuiz.com.

Thanks for tuning in today. I know it was a lot of details, but my goal was really to make sure you have all the information. I’m incredibly excited and honored to do this work with the women I get to work with. I’m already so enthused by the women who have started to join. The level of conversations and coaching and growth that we’re going to experience together between now and the end of the year is going to be tremendous, and I’d like very much for you to be a part of it.

I will hope to see you in the How to CEO program in just a few weeks. Have a wonderful day.

One more thing before you go. In a world of digital courses and online content, I like to work with my clients live because I know that when you have someone you can work with, ask questions of, and meet with, you’re so much more likely to get the success that you want. Head on over to HowToCEOLive.com to learn more about our very exciting, very exclusive program just for female entrepreneurs. We’ll see you there.

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