Savor This…

I’ve been thinking a lot about next year…

I have a feeling 2021 will not be the year of hustle, grind and GO….

No, 2021 has the promise of so much more…

I see the word SAVOR all over the year 2021.

Savor all the things we never thought we’d be without, until suddenly we were.

Savor hugging.

Savor time with your best friend.

Savor family dinners.

Savor the faces of the humans you normally see every day.

Savor your kids’ o’dark-thirty sports games in the middle of nowhere.

Savor taking a taste from some else’s cocktail.

Savor going anywhere, whenever you want.

Savor airplanes.

Savor backyard bbq’s and watching sports with your favorite humans.

Savor big, rowdy get together’s.

Savor walking into your office or shop to turn the lights on.

Savor in-person team meetings (and even pot lucks????).

Savor simplicity.

Just savor.

2020 forced us to see life in a way we never could have anticipated.

2021 will reintroduce us to what we love most. And what beautiful moments those will be!

For me, that will be long, loving hugs with my mom and dad and step mom.

My toes in the sand and a retreat on the beach.

Squeezing my bestie.

Several trips to Disneyland!

Having impromptu wine and cheese with my dear friends.

My husband and I taking our 25th wedding anniversary trip.

Watching my kids play their sports all-day-long.

And getting my lashes done :).

My hope for all of us is we take those moments… and savor…. And we roll around in them as kids do on a big, grassy hill on a summer evening.

Hang in there…

It’s coming.

Make your plans.

Life won’t return to normal. Old normal is gone.

We will be reintroduced to what we always had but didn’t see.

But now we will see it all with a newness that won’t long be forgotten….

I can’t wait….


To savor, savor, savor it all 🙂


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