Patience may be a virtue in some circles.

In my circle over here with female entrepreneurs, it’s not as much a virtue… as a survival skill.

Without patience, I watch my clients lose-their-ever-lovin-minds.

In a world where we can have almost anything we want… within two days… from Amazon…. we are losing our connection to the time it takes to form connections, develop and realize ideas, invest in our team, build relationships, and find amazing team members.

Are you impatient regularly?


What’s the rush?

What’s the win on the other side you tell yourself you’re missing out on because you have to wait or because it’s taking too long?

What’s too long?

What would life and the day-to-day of running your business feel like if you weren’t in a hurry?

If you didn’t feel that rush of impatience when you have to explain something you think is obvious?

To make a decision?

What would it be like to know… believe wholeheartedly, that no matter what… all will be resolved?

And that there will always be something else right around the corner that will require problem-solving, time to nurture ideas, and time to invest in people.

Patience comes when you:

Know that businesses grow as we do.

The perfect team member appears when we are ready for them.

That money flows through clear arteries, free of scarcity and fear.

That outstanding team performance is a by-product of one decision, discussion, and connection at a time.

Patience is a superpower.

Patience is necessary to survive the journey of leading while entrepreneur-ing.

Patience starts with a deep breath.

It loses its grip with a revised belief system and confidence in who you are as a leader.

When you’re ready, I’d like to help to rewire your relationship with impatience.

Until then… I know this.

It really will be okay.

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