I’m Too Busy to Train My New Assistant

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Challenge: I don’t have time to train my new assistant

I know I am growing but it feels horrendous. I have a personal assistant that just started today, but she’s bringing stuff to me and it’s overwhelming. I looked forward to it for so long and now that it’s here I’m like “Oh, shit.” Can you give me a pep talk on how to get through this?

Coach Response: Meet yourself where you are. It’s a lot and it’s OK to feel like this. All of this is change but we aren’t wired for change, so feeling this way is normal. Telling yourself that you shouldn’t feel this way is not doing any good. It’s like climbing a mountain with a 100lb backpack. We are still going to climb the mountain, but let’s get rid of the backpack. It’s unnecessary.

Where is the source of the pressure you are feeling?

The 30/60/90 day template is a guideline for you, not a demand. The thought of “Let’s get her up and going as quick as possible so that she can help me and I can feel relief and all of this will be better for me,” is just adding extra pressure and stress right now. Yes, you want to get her trained but let’s do it from a place of looking forward to things getting better, but not making yourself miserable in it until it happens. She’s eager to learn, so let’s be excited about that and pick one thing that you can focus on as the goal that’s going to be awesome when it’s up and running. But one thing, not five or ten that she might be asking about.

Bringing someone on is an investment. It’s work, but the investment pays off in the end when you find a good person.

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