About US

About US

Growing up the daughter of a single mother, leadership was always something that I associated with womanhood and femininity.

My upbringing gave me a unique perspective as I got older and entered a workforce that was dominated by men and masculine leaders.

I could see through the masks that my women co-workers wore day in and day out, just trying to fit in and do what they felt they had to in order to get ahead.

Costumed in traits that we typically associate with masculine leadership, I watched women suppress their more feminine attributes, the ones that I believed made them more cut out for leadership roles.

When I began coaching leaders and applying the tools that I learned at The Life Coach School to my leadership framework, I saw how much my approach challenged the status quo of what we’ve been taught to think about leadership and what it means to be a strong and capable leader.

I also saw how many women, especially women entrepreneurs, struggled with this aspect of managing a business.

For the past 8+ years, as I’ve built and grown
Kris Plachy Coaching Group, my work has been
to prove the power of

one thriving woman.

To advance your business and your vision by giving you the tools and know-how
to manage anyone, on anything, anytime, and anywhere. Because I know that
the best way to grow a business is to grow the woman running it.

My leadership framework and the CEO Team Blueprint™ that my team and I have
created is built around a repeatable formula. Learning it will give you the ability
to solve any team challenge in your business—without requiring you
to change or hide who you are.



Kris Plachy Founder, CEO & Coach

Kris’ work centers around her vision ‘to prove the power of one thriving woman’. Through her 25+ years of leading and managing and now 8+ years leading her own business, Kris has culminated her work into practices applied by leaders all over the world. Her premier program, How to CEO, is an unparalleled experience designed to bolster female entrepreneurs with ‘everything you didn’t know you needed to know’ about managing and leading others to achieve results.

Kris coaches the female entrepreneurs that are literally shaping and changing the world. She is recognized as the one to turn to when you need a sage partner-advisor mind. Together with her team, Kris combines business acumen, exceptional coaching skill, and sound, relevant and immediately applicable practices that literally change how much women both lead and love their businesses.

What you’ll find working with Kris is an in-depth knowing and understanding of business operations and management, combined with a levity and energy that is disarming and safe. In your conversations with Kris, you’ll find her to be direct, honest and enthusiastic in how she helps you navigate moments in your business that you likely never considered or thought you’d have to resolve.

Coach & Operations Director

Michelle has proven over and over that she is seriously as-good-as-it-gets when it comes to coaching.

Michelle is a Master Certified Coach Instructor with The Life Coach School and a Certified Leadership Coach with Leadership Coach, LLC. In addition to her coaching certifications, she also has a doctoral degree in Education.

Michelle’s expertise in coaching complimented by her extensive leadership experience make her a natural addition to the Plachy Coaching team. She understands entrepreneurship, assembling, developing and (yes) even dismantling a team. And she understands the nuances of human behavior that present ongoing ‘opportunities’ for each of us as we learn and stretch ourselves and our businesses to grow. Michelle is a true Integrator and is able to distill the challenges female entrepreneurs face into simple and solvable concerns.

She is a game-changer, change maker and (a little bit of) a rain-maker. If you’re ready to change. If you’re ready to learn. If you’re ready to shake things up. Michelle is the coach who’s on your side to get you there.

Dr. Camille
Broussard Wise
Conscious Inclusion Advisor

Dr. Wise is a scholar-practitioner of leadership, management, and advancing diversity and equity by meeting leaders where they are and skillfully guiding them to an understanding of blind spots they didn’t realize they had.

A career public administrator and organizational development consultant, Camille brings, and is excited to share, a wealth of knowledge in operationalizing equity within and throughout organizations and companies, starting with their leaders. During her tenure she managed teams of upwards of 200 employees, overseeing budgets in excess of $30M.

Utilizing competencies honed while attaining her doctoral degree in Leadership & Management, Camille stays abreast of current and emerging research and movements that she incorporates into her role as both college professor and advisor to dynamic leader-learners. We are so honored to have Dr. Wise as an Advisor to the Kris Plachy Coaching Group and for our clients in The Founder’s Lab and private coaching programs.

A passionate social justice advocate, she holds a safe space for inquiry and growth while also equipping leader-learners with tools to facilitate their own growth and accountability.

Want to know more about our vision and values?

VIsion: To prove the power of one thriving woman.

VALUES: Think & Solve | Ask and Clarify | Own and Accept | Listen and Learn

Kris Plachy Coaching Manifesto

We are thought leaders here We don’t suffer fools and we also don’t indulge in what the pack is doing. We invite ourselves, our teammates and our clients to always be stretching beyond what we think is possible.

We are creative and innovative and do not accept justifications, blame or excuses as a means to rectify mistakes. We acknowledge when things don’t go well and then we move along to find better solutions.

We are somewhat giddy about what we get to do every day and who we get to do it with. We are so damn lucky to work with each other and with the clients we serve. How could it possibly be this good? Light hearted, but serious is a daily approach to our work.

We connect with people for reals There’s nothing phony or inauthentic about connecting with this team. We don’t placate and false praise. We give honest, meaningful feedback and we connect as adults. We are emotionally mature and consistently show a willingness to grow and challenge ourselves to be resilient.

We recognize that everything changes Change is not to be avoided; it is embraced. We know there can always be a way to be better and do better. We show up for one another. We have each other’s backs and we work it out, like grown-ups.

We love to play We make commitments to celebrate, just as hard as we work. We live lives that are full of fun and play time. We don’t define who we are by last month’s performance but more about how well we design the lives we love.

Lastly, we are the team that when others see us coming, they say “Thank God you’re here.” We are recognized as the best at what we do. We are proud of that association and we take pride in what it takes to achieve an impeccable brand and the investment it takes to continue to evolve and uplevel.

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