Lead Your Team Strategy Day

I know there’s a lot going on in your business.

I also know that you know you really need a ‘minute’ to think and get things organized in your brain.

But when? How? Where to start?

It can be difficult to find some space and time to think when the team challenges pile up!

A full day focused on you, your team, and your business may be just-what-you-need.

Together, we’ll follow my How to CEO Blueprint and unravel the overwhelm you’re working through.

You need a day to yourself, with me as your coach, to help you learn new practices and make some key decisions for the coming year.

The Strategy Day includes:

  • A pre-call to review your application, identify your key goals for the day and discuss any additional work we may want you to complete prior to our full day together.
  • Complete a full Team audit and review your current and future human capital plan.
  • Complete a full Founder audit, my proprietary process, for uncovering what unique challenges you are facing as a woman who is working hard to lead others to achieve results.
  • And we’ll tie both audits together as we create YOUR BUSINESS’ CEO Blueprint. While each business is unique, there are key practices and process we can identify and create together that will ease many of the tensions you’re experiencing leading and managing the team.
  • We’ll conclude with real work done and clear steps to follow after our day together.
  • We also will have two follow up calls to review what’s working, where you may be a little stuck and to foster accountability for you to do the work that matters to you.

If you’re like most of my clients, you have a belief you should just know what to do. It’s okay if you don’t. Most of us leading our own businesses have never actually learned how to lead a team. After just one day together, you’ll have a new found perspective and a sense of simplicity for how leading the team can become less daunting and more simple.


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